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gadget finger

retractable pen nib on index finger
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I can never find my pen when I need it most. My suggestion is to have a sliding pen nib attached to my fingernail for immediate use. This can be retracted when using a keyboard, or picking my nose, etc. This could also be a permanent option by having the pen surgically implanted with an on off switch under the skin. I did'nt really like this idea too much hence the attachment.
atomic point dexter, Oct 30 2001

Baked http://fingerpenbiz.en.ec21.com/
I think. [DrBob, Oct 30 2001]


       Swiss Army Finger.
phoenix, Oct 30 2001

       Aye, aye, sir... er, ma'am.
phoenix, Oct 30 2001

       Thanks DrBob - didn't realise it had been thought of as a large bandage type of thing. I rather fancy the implant idea now
atomic point dexter, Oct 30 2001

       quite like this - people keep nicking my pens
po, Nov 28 2001


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