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[illustrated ideas only] view

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The h'bakery is chock full of ideas (especially older ones) that have illustrations right there in the body of text! These are always nice to look at, and the links to full pictures at the bottom of the ideas are great supplements too. But no matter how much I twiddle with my view settings, I can't create a list wherein the defining trait is the presence of an illustration. That option would be awesome.
DrWorm, Sep 22 2010


       there aren't that many illustrators - create a view just for them. FarmerJ, Bristolz, hob etc
po, Sep 22 2010

       But that wouldn't be exclusively illustrations--it would include their links and annos, which are far more numerous.
DrWorm, Sep 23 2010

       I agree with Wormy. There are so many hidden treasure pictures. Hob did a lot of additions in the not too distant past. That's my 2 cents, you po.
blissmiss, Sep 23 2010

       creep: feature: [-]... if you're that bored with "recent", add something not boring.
FlyingToaster, Sep 23 2010


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