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HB filter view: Sort by X in reverse order

Show ideas _before_ a specific time.
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Just out of interest I wanted to see the earliest surviving idea on the halfbakery.

Filtering by time is only available 'since' a specific point in time, not 'before'. Sorting ideas (with respect to time) can only be done by 'creation date', which orders them 'most recent first'.

I suggest the functionality to filter by time 'before' and also to organise (sort) search results in reverse order (oldest first).

(I realise that there are sorting capabilities for most votes/least votes, but there isn't an inverse for create date)

Jinbish, Jun 18 2003

(??) Chez Monitor http://www.halfbake...idea/Chez_20Monitor
Could be. Might be. It's a possibility. [DrBob, Oct 05 2004]

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silverstormer, Jun 18 2003

       Crumbs. Well found [DrB].
Jinbish, Jun 18 2003

       Two easy steps, Jin. First, remember hippo's anno on this topic. Second, search for 'oldest idea'. ;0)
DrBob, Jun 18 2003

       Actually, the easiest mechanism for finding anyone's oldest post is to filter out just their entries, sort by date,and scroll to the end. And the easiest way to find the oldest post by anyone is to filter for jutta.
DrCurry, Jun 18 2003

       // Predating has turned out to be a rather confusing bit of vanity //   

       Nah, you were just striving for accuracy.
waugsqueke, Jun 18 2003


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