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halfbakery moderation

moderation versus trolls
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slashdot's got moderation because it's popular and it's got trolls. how about we introduce some kind of moderation so we're one step ahead of the trolls that (i'm sure) will appear here someday?
joltrushsoon, May 15 2000


       Killfiles are on my Todo list and should take care of some of the trolls.   

       I love reading moderated forums, but hate writing to them. Maybe there could be a moderated halfbakery digest version?
jutta, May 16 2000

       Please make the kill file flexible so that I can ingnore different aspects of different people. For example I'd like to see Mr XYZ's links but not his votes or annotations. Alternatively I might not care for someone's votes, but his annotations might interest me (for humour, or any other reason).
mar, Jul 19 2000

       <addiction weary>amen, waugs. :P</addiction weary>
absterge, May 14 2001


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