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HB search

Improvement in search : ordering search results
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When I searched "Google earth" without quotes in HB, first few results did not contain the words "Google earth" together and only indiviual words viz either google or earth.
VJW, Jan 27 2011

Alternative HB search http://www.google.c...:www.halfbakery.com
Here's another way to get the results you want. [Wrongfellow, Jan 27 2011]


       While our crack team of engineers gets to work on fine-tuning the search result scoring algorithm, you could also put phrases in double quotes to indicate that you mean the phrase rather than the two words.
jutta, Jan 27 2011

po, Jan 27 2011

       Our team of engineers on crack is working on an automatic double quote adding algorithm.
methinksnot, Jan 27 2011

       From the search page: //terms are found only as whole words. Sequences of words in double quotes are found as phrases//   

       So, the halfbakery's simple and straightforward search works exactly like it says on the tin.   

       Search results are sorted by number of occurrences, then alphabetically by idea title, right? If it ain't broke...   

       [snot] sp. cheap crack.
spidermother, Jan 28 2011

       But don't try triple quotes. If you must, cover one eye so at least you will have monocular vision afterwards.
bungston, Jan 28 2011

       /sp. cheap crack./   

       [Jutta], being the capable business deity that she is, makes sure her engineers are on the best crack available. Moderators on the other hand...
methinksnot, Feb 02 2011

       Thank you for the clarification. I recant my heresy.
spidermother, Feb 02 2011


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