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...to empirically know one's self.
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The invention is a pair of goggles fitted with a scanner capable of measuring pupil dilation, only facing inward toward the wearer.

It would also have to have a lux meter facing away from the wearer. The lux meter would calibrate out "normal" pupil response associated with changes in ambient light.

There would also need to be some kind of output or display in order to record or capture real time data and convey that information to the wearer.

The result would be a measure of pupil dilations which could be correlated to a true measurable emotional(?) reponse to whatever the wearer might look at or sense.

***side note*** "Introspectacles", the original name I had intended was actually already baked on this site. Therefore I changed the name to "introspectometer", not to be confused with "introspectrometer".

ShawnBob, Oct 31 2012

Pupillometry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pupillometry
[xaviergisz, Nov 01 2012]


       //ones self// Sp. "oneself," or "one's self." But + for the idea!
csea, Nov 01 2012


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