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HUD Lyrics

Keeps your eyes on the road while singing.
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So almost everybody, whether they admit it or not, loves driving around, cranking up the jams, and singing along to their favorite songs. Trouble is, with roads becoming increasingly crowded, most people don't have the chance to really put some thought into the lyrics and keep an eye on the road. This situation has endangered our prized way of life--that is, of singing along while we roll along. The solution to this problem isn't so far off. Many cars now have a Heads Up Display (HUD) that will display the cars speed, RPM's, etc directly on the front windshield so the driver can keep track of the car's status without having to glance downward toward the gauges. This technology could be used to display the lyrics from the song currently playing. The lyrics could be imported one of three ways: (1) If an iPod is being used, the lyrics could be embedded in each song and sent to a decoder in the car, (2) A CD could contain a small text file with the lyrics, or (3) The car could recognize CD's and tracks then use wireless networking while parked at home to download all the lyrics from a lyrics sharing website.
andrewdudex, Oct 29 2008

on board enlightenment on-board_20enlightenment
[po, Oct 30 2008]


       My poor family...   

       Karaoke-format disks already support the text and a little "bouncing dot". And may I request a projected image of the music video onto the white van in front of me?
4whom, Oct 29 2008

       HUD for speed, etc is a good idea so you don't have to move your eye's very much to see these things that you check occasionally. I think reading lyrics off of the HUD would tend to focus the attention of many drivers for too long to be safe.
scad mientist, Oct 29 2008

       Any kind of display you have to read distracts your attention from the road. Why not have the lyrics sung by some very talented artist right on the CD and sing along with them.
theGem, Oct 29 2008

       I like it, [theGem], but it'll never sell.
baconbrain, Oct 29 2008

       That's why I'm here half baking instead of out there selling them pork pies.
theGem, Oct 29 2008

       Maybe the CD could have a "lyric caller mode" where just before each line, the singer says the next line quickly so that everyone can join in. Like we did at summer camp.
phundug, Oct 30 2008

       I'm giving you a plus for this - for choice of category. If I'd looked at the list I would have found the linked idea much quicker.
po, Oct 30 2008


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