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Hacky Jack

For those too idle to bend down to wheel-level, or those who just like kicking stuff.
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Most conventional car jacks have some sort of rotary or ratchet device for the purpose of raising or lowering the car. Typically, this is operated by hand.

Inspired by the humble Hacky Sack, the Hacky Jack requires the operator to simply kick a lever in an upwards direction, thereby raising the car and allowing the tyre/tire to be changed. When the change has been completed, another small lever (also foot operated) would allow the mechanism to be reversed, meaning that the car would also be able to be lowered by simple upwards kicking of the primary lever.

Needa Moeba, Aug 19 2003


       Like a foot powered air pump, but for changing tires (or tyres). I like it some.
Zimmy, Aug 19 2003

       Cars can also be lowered off of existing hand-operated jacks with a kicking motion. Not without possible damage (auto or personal), though.   

       The problem with this is that it isn't very ergonomic.   

       A foot-operated jack gets it power on the down stroke, using the weight of the operator.   

       Kicking a jack upwards is awkward, doesn't generate as much force, and has the potential of damaging the tops of shoes.   

       This is also a bad pun.
Cedar Park, Aug 20 2003

       I think it would work if it were a semblance of a Furry Donkey.
Zimmy, Aug 20 2003

       [UB], I'm curious as to what //nechanical advantage// is. And [Cedar Park], I'm hurt...I only posted this Hacky Jack to raise spirits and lift morale around here. I never realised that my puns were so tyred.
Needa Moeba, Aug 20 2003

       Apologies, [UnaBubba]. I'll be more judicious with my use of "is" next time. Let's not be enemies - I was merely trying to get your attention and engage you into a bit of punnery.
Needa Moeba, Aug 20 2003


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