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Jack Bot!

When requesting service on this device, be sure to enunciate!
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Jack Bot is the genetically superior offspring of a car jack and a Roomba. All you have to do to jack up your car is push a button on the dash console (which will do nothing if the brakes aren't set and the engine isn't turned off) and the Jack Bot is released from its secure mount on the underbody beneath the trunk (boot). Once released, Jack Bot automatically positions itself beneath the safest hardpoint near the wheel you pushed the button for and jacks it up. Once you're ready to lower the car, simply get back in, push the Jack Bot retrieval button, and Jack Bot lowers the vehicle and rolls back under his mount, where he is raised up like R2-D2 getting into the Naboo Starfighter in Phantom Menace.

This may not work on vehicles which mount the spare on the underbody. For those vehicles, it would need to be stored in the trunk (boot) or find another suitable spot on the underbody.

Jack Bot is an invaluable assistant for performing lifts, underbody repairs, oil changes, brake changes, tire changes/rotations, and retrieving soccer balls/pets that get stuck under the car. For many maintenance/repair operations, you might consider a team of Jack Bots working in sync. Keep one or two in the car at all times, and the others in your garage.

21 Quest, Apr 04 2009


       You would really trust Jack that much? Not I. Oh no.
blissmiss, Apr 04 2009

21 Quest, Apr 04 2009

       make it comically fast&strong and let run free in a parking lot, giving away its current position by bumping cars up.
loonquawl, Apr 05 2009


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