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A hair trimmer with a camera, to allow cutting your own hair.
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When I try to trim hair on the back of my neck with an electric hair clipper, it is difficult to see what's happening. I'm sure it would be much easier and end up looking lots better if the clipper had a built-in web cam (perhaps with Blue-tooth or wifi connection) so I could see what I'm doing.
jwpat7, Aug 15 2009


       I normally use two mirrors - a full-size wall-mounted one and a little hand-held one. Took a bit of practice to steer 'backwards' but works ok now. I like the camera idea.. but mounted right on the trimmer would be too-close-up. A webcam on a tripod or stuck to a nearby wall would give a better view. (+)
afinehowdoyoudo, Aug 15 2009

       Nasal-hair-trimmer-with-camera would also be a useful variant.
wagster, Aug 15 2009

       Fresh meat for the Bakery... welcome [jwpat7] After you post your first idea, you have to cut off and eat one of your own toes, and post as proof a Youtube video of the event. This entitles you to full membership of the Bakery Inner Circle... sometimes called the BIC club (you also get a free pen).
xenzag, Aug 15 2009

       By the way, what happened to [jwpat1] to [jwpat6]?
wagster, Aug 15 2009

       They have been Assimilated. 7's next.   

       // useful variant //   

       We have decided that it is best not to enquire as to why and how such a variant might be useful ...
8th of 7, Aug 15 2009

       I [+]'d it 'cuz I thought it said "Nose Hair Trimmer with Camera"... have a peak at how those sinuses are doing while you're at it.
FlyingToaster, Aug 15 2009


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