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forest harvester

forest to field in one easy step
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Forest Harvester the first:
This harvester would be headed by a 30 foot wide mouth. The front would a series of scoops out in front for dirt. When the machine is approaching a small hill these scoops would scrape dirt outward to either side. Next it would have a wide, thick, and very powerful blade right above the newly created ground clearance. The blade would move back and forth cutting the widest trees to short stumps. The trees would fall into the chipper immediately or fall away from the harvester and be digested in smaller bits.

Harvester the second
Large stones in front would be detected with sensors and smashed into bits by a huge wrecking ball. The machine would have to stop at such times until the rock is reduced to boulders small enough to be dealt with by the large robotic claw which would place them in a hopper for later use or in neat rows. Stones as low as 4 feet underground would be so dealt with.

Harvester the third
Behind the device to somewhat level the ground and under the massive wood chipper there would be a scoop 4 feet underground. A sharp metal blade would slide underground severing tree trunks, pushing small rocks up or down, and lifting large chunks of wood, stone and small animals into a sorting tray. Large things would be pushed off to the side of the harvester. Smaller things and dirt would be put back down where they came from.

Harvester the fourth
Rakes would level the ground. Wood chips could be mixed with the dirt, laid on top, or collected. An assortment of paving, plowing, sealing, or fertilizing devices could be pulled behind.
Voice, Sep 26 2010

Crablogger http://en.wikipedia...machines#Crablogger
Gerry Anderson, 1960's. [8th of 7, Sep 26 2010]


       Prior art <link>
8th of 7, Sep 26 2010


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