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Hair Strong Soap

Yuk yuk yuk! YUK!
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A hair stuck to the soap. Is it mine? Was it there before? What part of the body did it come from? It seems curly... do I have hairs that color? I should rinse it off so my girlfriend doesn't find it. Rinse damn you!

Theseany many other musings race through the mind of the showerer confronted with a hair on the soap. BUNGCO does not want to wait for this chance occurrence.

Introducing Hair Strong Soap! Purchase by hair color type,then leave out for your guests. Hairs are cooked into the soap and revealed as the soap is used. Care is take so that they lie in the plane of the soap, and seem to have lodged there by accident. Provide a bar to your guests, then exclaim in public horror at the festoons they have "left"!

bungston, Sep 21 2005


       The hair might have an abrasive/exfoliating benefit, too. This might enable BUNGCO to target two distinct market segements with a single product - joke shops and people who buy things if magazines tell them to.
calum, Sep 21 2005

       This idea stupefied me for around 2 minutes.
mailtosalonga, Sep 21 2005


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