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Evil Soap

Revenge is sweet .. .and clean!
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Attain soap recipe from appropriate source and make soap for your worst enemy. A discreetly hidden razorblade or fine glass particles should do the trick.

For a non-damage soap, try inserting a small dead sparrow - (these can often be found along roadsides). Imagine the look on their face upon finding (after a few uses) they are rubbing a dead bird on their face.

Try experimenting with all sorts of odd/foul things you can find about the neighbourhood!

benfrost, Jun 12 2001

Lush Bath Stuff http://www.lush.co.uk/
I bought my boyfriend some abrasive soap here and he didn't know whether to be offended or not. [lewisgirl, Jun 12 2001]

baked, with razor blades http://www.hunwicks...%20the%20Gorgon.htm
in this 1992 Peter Shaffer play [pertinax, Aug 03 2008]


       I like Peter, he's always so law-abiding.

I am not so keen on benfrost, and I hope I never meet him in person. I don't mean to be rude but: Evil Soap plus the entire genital food category, Public Vomit Chamber, and the laziness of a wheelchair for home and office. Dear God. And I'm not keen on modern art anyway.

For interesting soaps, try a company called Lush.
lewisgirl, Jun 12 2001

       rods: evil shampoo = nair
mihali, Jun 12 2001

       damn! I was hoping lewisgirl would be keen on me . ..
benfrost, Jun 13 2001

       Vintage BF, and a reference to an old PeterSealy post, I gather. What happened to that guy? I am not big on the glass (so declasse) but like the sparrow. A mouse might be softer. Or the snout of a pig?
bungston, Sep 21 2005


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