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Hair scrounge mouse

Put instincts to work
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Mice like to collect fur and soft stuff to build their nests. I propose that selectivebreeding be done with mice to enhance that trait until a mouse is produced which does nothing except scrounge for loose fur to bring home. These mice could be sold to pet owners who are plagued with balls of fur accumulating in hard to reach corners. Petless folks who themselves are endowed with copious sheddable body or pubic hair might also avail themselves of these mice. The mouse would bring all collected hair/fur back to a designated nest spot, from which it could periodically be collected.

One would need to stop the breeding effort before reaching the extreme at which the mouse would actually pull fur/hair from sleeping/awake pets/people.

bungston, Apr 11 2004


       Maybe one could be trained to very, very carefully claw-comb my shedding cat.
FarmerJohn, Apr 11 2004

       I'm going to give this a croissant just for the mental image of a mouse grooming a cat
alc, Apr 11 2004

       You may be able to train optical mice to gather stray eyelashes and brows.   

       <Socks the Cat>Ack! - More Furballs!</Socks the Cat>
gnomethang, Apr 12 2004

       So we keep mice to get rid of furballs, and cats to get rid of the mice...How do we get rid of the cats?   

       Besides, the problem with my mouse is that it already attracts *too much* dust and hair.
DrCurry, Apr 12 2004

       " How do we get rid of cats?" we call them trolls and ask them to never come back.   

       Otherwise a fun idea. I changed my vote.
dentworth, Apr 12 2004

       <grumble>Nowt wrong wi' Cats.</grumble>
gnomethang, Apr 12 2004

       [wierd]When I was a kid in the 80's, I saw a guy on the tube with really long pink hair and a sprayed pink mouse that he kept trying to put in his hair to crawl around. I suppose it could have been collecting it.[/wierd]
dooper, Apr 12 2004


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