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Grout brush for oscillating/power tools

Cleaning grout is so haaaard
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Cleaning grout using a held held brush is the kind of torture that might be used at GITMO. This pad scrubs hard to clean grout using the oscillating mutipurpose tool you may already own [1]. No need to buy a Reveal Power Scrubber and grout brush attachment [2]. The preferred attachment looks like a sanding pad [3], but is covered in course grout brush bristles [4] instead of sandpaper. Grout brush bristles are put on brush cups for drills [5] but they don't get into tight corners like a triangle shaped sanding pad does. Commercial and industrial floor scrubbers [6] offer grout brush machines but they are not designed for home use. I want an inexpensive type for infrequent home use. I say infrequent as sometime the grout is used as a Petri dish while doing devious scientific experiments :-) If a 3-D printer offered grout brush bristle material I could make one at home.
Sunstone, Sep 19 2013

[1] Oscillating multipurpose tool http://www.toolcobb...s/sawing/osc-tools/
Handy for so many things, let's make more for it to do [Sunstone, Sep 19 2013]

[2] Reveal Power Scrubber http://www.rubberma...px?Prod_ID=RP092084
Good tool but I have too many tools now [Sunstone, Sep 19 2013]

[3] Oscillating tool sanding pads http://www.dogpile....&fcop=topnav&fpid=2
Will sand you for long time [Sunstone, Sep 19 2013]

[4] Handheld grout brushes show bristle http://www.dogpile....2&q=grout+brush&ql=
Toughest bristles I have ever seen short of those made of metal [Sunstone, Sep 19 2013]

[5] Grout brush disk for drills http://tfaojo.blogs...sh-drill-power.html
[Sunstone, Sep 19 2013]

[6] Commercial and industrial grout brush heads and machines http://www.globalin...legroutbrush-261480
[Sunstone, Sep 19 2013]

[7] Never let a sales opportunity go to waste in the midst of a crisis http://www.dogpile....sis+go+to+waste&ql=
[Sunstone, Sep 19 2013]

Drill brushes are now very popular https://duckduckgo....ax=images&ia=images
Grout brush [Sunstone, Mar 09 2020]

Now baked oscilating grout cleaner https://duckduckgo....out+Cleaning&ia=web
Now baked oscilating grout cleaner [Sunstone, Mar 09 2020]


       Howabout a rotating wire brush? Would that do the trick or is it in the corners where you have the problem?
RayfordSteele, Sep 19 2013

       Hola RayfordSteele:   

       Sorry, I was still working on the submission when you entered a comment. It would be good if one could write up the whole piece while deactivated and then "activate" the submission it when finished, but this would require a lot of work amongst the Half Bakers who are busy working on ideas themselves and dislike web site maintenance as much as most of us. Such changes would also cause angst among those like me who dislike websites who change things all the time for reader "ease of use" (code word for "We found more ways to slip in ads and track your IP movements and shopping preferences but we don't wanna publicly say that.") but the changes often do just the opposite. It's kinda like when you get on mega-hold with customer service while you are working from home. You lose the Internet connection while trying to make a job deadline, and the ISP robot tells you over and over how beside itself it is over the thought of having dissatisfied customers - all the while hammering the boxed in victim with sales pitches and promises that if you give them your phone number they may give you one call back while you are unavailable so the phone tag can continue. Giving somebody a phone number in the US means the "Do not Call" provision you signed up for is cancelled for that seller who now has has an OK to to use your number here on out for unlimited cold call sales pitches in the future. Never let a crisis -- in this case sales opportunity -- go to waste [7]. I digress. Yes, the disk won't get in the corners where a triangular oscillating tool pad will. Thank you for your interest and comment.
Sunstone, Sep 19 2013

       Wow, Dogpile still exists! I never expected to find a still- operating site that's older than this one.
notexactly, Dec 06 2018


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