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Hair dresser's sucking assistant
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I've just been to the dentist, and as my hygienist dutifully scraped and poked out copious amounts of plaque, her ever attentive assistant was on hand to suck away the delicious debris - using a narrow plastic vacuuming instrument. Closely following the hygienist's every movement, the resulting choreography ensured that none of the particles went down the back of my throat.

Now transfer this entire scenario to a hair salon. I know that other vacuuming devices have been proposed, attached to scissors etc., but this idea is to have an actual hair dresser's sucking assistant. As the hair was being cut, they would closely follow the action of the scissors with their suction tube, ensuring that no single hair entered the ear, down the back of the neck etc. Hair suction would be an optional extra, so to cover the cost of the extra member of staff, an additional charge would be levied.

Hair cut sir? - with or without it sucked off?

xenzag, Jan 19 2006


       (with or without it sucked off?)   

       There are haircutting places around the world like this.
normzone, Jan 19 2006

       "with or without it sucked off?"   

       So now haircuts will have happy endings, too?!
DrCurry, Jan 19 2006


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