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Keyboard Hygienist

cleans teeth and knobs and polishes dials
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Every six months I make a visit to my dental hygienists. She patiently scrapes, flosses, picks, and ultra pressure washes around and between my teeth, leaving them in polished perfection.

Hygienists are clearly expert at this sort of work. They are therefore perfect positioned to extend their work range by offering to clean between the keys of computer keyboards, as well as the knobs and dials of various other electrical apparatus, like radios; toasters; hi-fi equipment or even around that little knurled bit on the end of tin-openers.

Another technician could be on stand-by, to pry out and replace loose keys; fill in any gaps; repaint and correct all discolouration.

xenzag, Dec 04 2010


       Yes my organ gets pretty gunky at the top end; my piano as well.
pocmloc, Dec 04 2010

       Now wash your hands ...
8th of 7, Dec 05 2010

       I don't know if there's any more room in the B-ark.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 06 2010


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