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Move Hogmanay to Mecca
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An estimated 300,000 people attended Edinburgh's famous Hogmanay street party to celebrate New Year's Eve 1996/97. This caused severe overcrowding and 600 people had to be treated in hospital after being crushed by the crowds. In recent years the festival has had to be reduced in size to prevent a serious tragedy.

An estimated 3,000,000 Muslims attended the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in 2006. If Hogmanay was held in Mecca instead of Edinburgh, it could grow to ten times the size before overcrowding became a problem.

(Thanks to [hippo] for the title)

Wrongfellow, Dec 03 2008


       Plus the weather is better [+]
coprocephalous, Dec 03 2008

       Ye gads man, this is possibly the most half-baked idea I have *ever* seen. Moving a couple of hundred thousand party-goers, many of whom will be (happy) drunken Scots to the religious capital of a faith that abstains from alcohol, in a country where booze is illegal? Utter madness.
Jinbish, Dec 03 2008

       Furthermore, the differences in Calendars used by the Scots and Muslim populations would mean that every 33 years, the two occasions would overlap - testing the hitherto untried concept of merging an Islamic holy Pilgrimage with a traditional North-European booze-up. What could possibly go wrong?
zen_tom, Dec 03 2008

       I always thought those Gay Pride celebrations looked a little overcrowded - if this idea worked, perhaps they could consider a similar solution for those events as well.   

       Similarly, some of the more crowded "Gentlemen's Entertainment" venues might consider relocating somewhere more open plan? It would certainly make adhering to fire regulations an easier prospect.   

       Conversely, perhaps they could move the Hajj to New York city?
zen_tom, Dec 03 2008

       // Moving a couple of hundred thousand party-goers, many of whom will be (happy) drunken Scots //
Good point [jb] - the airlines are not too keen on passengers who are in wine.
Perhaps they could be shipped over, in returning empty bulk oil carriers.
coprocephalous, Dec 03 2008

       I remember somebody jesting that that big black rock was cast down from the heavens as somebody prayed to God for bread.
neelandan, Dec 03 2008

       Easily the most site appropriate idea i have ever read. I love it!
WcW, Dec 03 2008

       Can we send Jools Holland and his Hootenanny over there while we're at it?
wagster, Dec 03 2008

       Slight flaw in your plan... Mecca won't allow any non-Muslims into the city. Hard to believe that they can get away with this but its true.
simonj, Dec 04 2008

       //Mecca won't allow any non-Muslims into the city//   

       <broad scots accent> I'm muslim! And so's my wife! <bsa>
wagster, Dec 04 2008

       Just combine them into a sort of "Hajjmanay" - then everyone will be happy.
hippo, Dec 04 2008

       pr. moos-lim.
calum, Dec 04 2008

       //Hajj usually results in crushing deaths// Sounds like this year's "Black Friday" event in the US - a sales promotion this year resulted in 3 people being killed - from one story about the events:   

       "Some shoppers, when interviewed, said they would never participate in another Black Friday event. They are truly shocked by how greed for bargain-basement sales led to someone's death."
zen_tom, Dec 04 2008

Bun for anno
coprocephalous, Dec 04 2008

       //crushing deaths//   

       God's way of gathering the extremely loved to his bosom sooner, Shirley?
neelandan, Dec 04 2008

       Move the ridiculously overcrowded Lewes Bonfire Night celebrations to Mecca too. The Lewes tradition of burning an effigy of the Pope should go down well, at least.
DrBob, Dec 04 2008

       ...and the weird[*] wannabe-druid summer solstice thing they do at Stonehenge

[* weird because the design of Stonehenge suggests it was actually used to celebrate the winter solstice, which makes much more sense - time of rebirth, new year, and all that]
hippo, Dec 04 2008

       //the design of Stonehenge suggests it was actually used to celebrate the winter solstice//
Don't be daft - it that were the case, then they'd've put a roof on and fitted central heating. Have you ever been on Salisbury Plain in the middle of Winter?
coprocephalous, Dec 04 2008

       Other festivals/events to move:
Hay-On-Wye book festival;
The Edinburgh Festival (and Festival Fringe);
The 12th July;
Harvest Festivals various;
assorted festivals of (a) the sea, (b) politics, (c) literature, (d) botulism, (e) the Bee Gees, (f) little Tommy squeakers, (g) angry geese, (h) Tallulah Bankhead and (i) pampas grass.
calum, Dec 04 2008

       Ah, the bi-annual Barnstable Botulism Barndance & Buffet. How I miss it!
DrBob, Dec 04 2008

       What, have Hajj franchises all over the world? Maybe that's Starbucks' secret plan - I can't believe anyone goes there for the coffee.
hippo, Dec 05 2008

       CAABA, n. A large stone presented by the archangel Gabriel to the patriarch Abraham, and preserved at Mecca. The patriarch had perhaps asked the archangel for bread.
--- The Devil's Dictionary

       So, everybody who claims to be the descendants of Abraham has the right to congregate around that black rock, whatever the time or season.
neelandan, Dec 06 2008

       Right. Never were two calmer and more reasonable groups of people proposed for a tempo-spatial intersection.   

       The first "whaeruuulookenah?" and you'll have the biggest street brawl in history
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 18 2008


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