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Half-Pipe Hockey

It all comes down to this, doesn't it?
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Halfpipe hockey is simple. Normal rules, normal players.

Except..... It is like playing in a giant halfpipe, with the goal ends of the rink curving upwards. This adds a little excitement and challenge to this game. The curvature isn't to great, until you get near the goals. Still it enough to make it interesting.

DesertFox, Aug 28 2004

Hyperblade http://www.the-unde...rg/game.php?id=4625
Similar, except the game is more like lacrosse. [WordUp, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I can see how it makes the game a little more difficult, but I guess how it makes the game more interesting is lost on me.
Aude Sapere, Aug 28 2004

       The curvature and physics make it more interesting to aim, because the curvature would make the puck slide in a curve.
DesertFox, Aug 28 2004

       Do the goalies get to be harnessed in place?   

       You could also have the curve the other direction.
Worldgineer, Aug 28 2004

       Seems like hockey players have enough trouble getting the puck into the goal. This would prove to be almost impossible wouldn't it?
destructionism, Aug 28 2004

       I'm envisioning of a pile of bloody, fighting hockey players in the middle of the rink making up most of every game. The only other part consists of players skating uphill to gain momentum before rejoining the fight.
Worldgineer, Aug 28 2004

       Can I be in midfield please?
gnomethang, Aug 28 2004

       //The curvature isn't to great, until you get near the goals.// It's actually constant throughout, if it's a half-pipe.
Worldgineer, Aug 28 2004

       maybe (and a bit of a stretch) have a puck w/ a rare earth magnet in it, and the only part of the puck that touches the floor/halfpipe are bearings. Then have the floor made out of steel. That way the puck is attracted to the floor and might stay up on the walls of the half-pipe for longer.   

       That'd make for some awesome plays, if it works.   

       Overall pretty damn cool ++
swimr, Aug 28 2004

       Sounds parabolic. [-]
contracts, Aug 28 2004

       Add jello and caltrops and I'd go see it. +
sartep, Aug 29 2004

       Are we talking ice or normal hockey?
bonsai_rainbow, Aug 29 2004

       I realize this is like an ancient post, but i thought i should point out, anyway, that there is in fact an organized league with this sort of concept. I don't remeber the exact title, but as i recall it was referred to as 'beach hockey'. It had sloped end boards, but not an actual halfpipe.
JuJuHound, Jul 18 2005

       Halfpipe Roller Hockey?
froglet, Jul 18 2005

       You'd need a flat area for some sort of 'normal' play in the middle, but this is so obviously a good idea.
wagster, Jul 18 2005

       what about embedding the nets INTO the curved end boards, and shaping the whole rink like a giant bowl. (Might work better for ball-hockey)   

       This way a player could use the curvature of the surface to actually get a shot on goal.   

       Increase the size of the nets a bit while you're at it and this could be a highly exciting variant!   

kdmurray, Nov 17 2006

       maybe the top of the walls could bank in towards the center, so when the puck was hit hard, it would go up the wall and launch towards the opposing teams wall.. then suspend a small ring in the center, above the halfpipe... which would be the goal for both teams....
rascalraidex, Nov 17 2006


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