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HalfBakery Pages in XML Format

XML format of half backery ideas can be translated to various format
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Well, you got the idea, XML format can be used to display or store or transfer ideas in any formats. For example applying CSS and XSL. I cannot find if this has discussed before. How difficult is this to do? I am not suggesting changing the current, but as an additional format.

Update: Title updated based on comment of ->phoenix

Update:(UnaBubba's comment) Being new here, I am waiting for good suggestion to improve my idea, location for the idea etc.. I would welcome all suggestions. Thanks..

artist, Jul 13 2003

webdav http://www.webdav.org/
[jutta, Dec 11 2004]


       You should get the name right before you go suggesting changes.
phoenix, Jul 13 2003

       //Update: Title updated based on comment of ->phoenix//
The title and summary are still just plain wrong, wrong, wrong. If, as in the case of the CSS idea, someone states that an idea needs to be done in XML rather than CSS, then modify *that* idea, don't create a new one.
thumbwax, Jul 13 2003

       <question type="request for further information" priority="high" intrestInResponse="low" fishbone="true">why</question>
Worldgineer, Jul 13 2003

       [was markedfordeletion] we've got this with RSS.
neilp, Dec 07 2004

       neilp: as far as I can see, the RSS support is only for indexes/search results, not actual ideas and annotations. So while it's probably not an original idea or even necessary a good one, it's not fully implemented. Or am I wrong?
pottedstu, Dec 09 2004

       dammit you're right [pottedstu], sorry [artist].
neilp, Dec 10 2004

       I think the thing to do is to add a webdav interface to the halfbakery. (XML alone will get you the objects, but not the infrastructure for editing them.)
jutta, Dec 11 2004


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