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Halfbakery IRC or Telegram group

is there a community outside Halfbakery for talking
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Is there a community outside the website we can use to talk?
chronological, Mar 31 2020

Halfbakery IRC Channel Halfbakery_20IRC_20channel
irc.freenode.net #halfbakery [Inyuki, Mar 31 2020]

Halfbakery Telegram Group https://t.me/halfbakery
Created an unofficial one before, to cope with 2018 outage, though, not that many had joined. It would be better to have people in the channel with original nicknames, and somehow disable "typing a message" indicators. [Inyuki, Mar 31 2020]


       If there is, are you going to start tunneling a distributed transaction protocol through it?
pertinax, Mar 31 2020

       Oh [chronological], sentences start with lowercase letters, the "idea" is under "public: [general]", rather than something along "halfbakery: [meeting]"... and, questions rather than something fun and creative?   

       Do we really want to be pinged all the time? I'm not sure, the beauty of asynchronous communication is exactly in everyone's ability to think before they speak, and keep in touch, without watching "XYZ is typing a message...".   

       Having RSS for annotations would be nice though, I think you can simply format a filter on Halfbakery's views, to provide with posts that have been commented at some time or by some one.
Inyuki, Mar 31 2020

       Send me an email, chronos...
RayfordSteele, Apr 06 2020


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