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Jack-in-the-Box toaster

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Wouldn't this be fun: When you put bread in a toaster and press the lever to start toasting, the toaster starts playing "Pop Goes the Weasel" in a timbre reminiscent of an old Jack in the Box toy. Either the song's duration or the toast cycle is adjusted so that the toast pops up at the moment the song reaches "Pop!"
beauxeault, Feb 05 2001

bob's coffee http://www.halfbake...in the box toaster
[kah109, Oct 04 2004]


       how about an option that let's you turn a lever just like the old jack-in-the-box's. You know, something to occupy the children while the bread is toasting. Of course it would need to be properly insulated, but how hard is that.
buckrogers, Feb 07 2001

       What a horrid annoyance!
beland, Feb 07 2001

       Make it fun. When the toaster pops the bread is tossed 3-4 feet into the air. The art will be catching the toast gracefully and casually move on to other food prep chores.
jackottabox, Nov 18 2003


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