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Halfbaked Stock Market

Offer to buy or sell them, and they will come...
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I considered putting this in Business: Financial: Stock Market, but after some consideration I chose to place it in this category because...Well, what else would be more appropriate?

Today I received an email from a person who I assumed was a fellow halfbaker, and who may still surface as such.

But my email search does not turn up their eddress in the 'bakery files, so I believe, based on their email, that they were looking to develop or purchase theoretical product that I had proposed here on the 'bakery.

This person inquired whether Tremorless Tools had completed developing the product linked below. They'd been considering building this very thing, but they were interested in purchasing it from me if I'd beat them to it.

I explained the situation, and offered to sell them either a controlling or a minority interest in Tremorless Tools. They responded positively, and indicated that they had significant amounts of imaginary cash not collecting interest that they could invest in my imaginary company.

So why should I stop there? If that deal falls through, I've already determined that there is a market for my conceptual company. So I am going to build on that.

I invite you, fellow Halfbakers, to opening day at (pressing button that shocks the person holding the rope that goes to the bell) the Halfbaked Stock Market.

Tremorless Tools, which owns LED LCD Puzzle Pieces, is offering shares at only four buns per share. I anticipate heavy trading before the market closes.

normzone, Apr 20 2015

Buy low, sell high... LED_20LCD_20Puzzle_20Pieces
Or is it buy while high, sell when low? [normzone, Apr 20 2015]


       Already invested, now the proud owner of 1/4 of a share [+]
pocmloc, Apr 20 2015

       i did not sell short. +
popbottle, Apr 20 2015

       " TTLS opened at four buns a share this morning on HSM, but lackluster trading brought it down to one. Stockholders benefit from a split and a partial buyback. Insider trading allegations were denied by majority shareholder [pocmloc].
normzone, Apr 20 2015


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