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Halfbakers' strike

As a group, we are strong!
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While I have yet to hit upon a cause for which we could strike, think of our collective bargaining power if all of us declined to show for work on the same day.

Around the world - something or other would come to a halt. Things - would not happen as scheduled. And our collective might would be recognized, and they - whoever that is - would have to meet us for negotiations.

In which we would ask for - stuff, and things like that. Concessions.

Alternative categories I considered for this idea include:

Business:Job Change:Leaving

normzone, Aug 30 2006

Like this? http://en.wikipedia...rt_Strike_1990-1993
Art strike [nineteenthly, Sep 03 2006]


       I can bring senior management decision making at a small northeastern US testing laboratory to a screeching halt for at least five or ten minutes.
jhomrighaus, Aug 30 2006

       I could delay the Quality Anthropology of some military computer equipment for a similar period. This anno alone probably now has the NSA checking on me.
normzone, Aug 31 2006

Shz, Aug 31 2006

       I could shut down two automotive plants just by majorly screwing up.
RayfordSteele, Aug 31 2006

       you sound as if you speak from experience [Rayford]
jhomrighaus, Aug 31 2006

       If you ever hit on a cause, wouldn't that make this [marked-for-deletion] advocacy?
DrCurry, Aug 31 2006

       I thought we _were_ on strike. Or at least a work slow-down. What's the point of this place again?
Worldgineer, Aug 31 2006

       I was kind of hoping we were going to get together a fleet of hullaballoons and drop custard bombs on some other blog.
Zimmy, Aug 31 2006

       I thought this was going to about what an impact we would have if we all stopped half-baking and got on with our jobs.
pertinax, Aug 31 2006

       I was thinking on the same lines as pertinax. this would be like when uni students (more particularly, humanities students) strike; ah, that's always amused me - I mean how is it possible to do less than nothing?
xaviergisz, Aug 31 2006

       [DrCurry] Perhaps I misinterpreted the intention of the category name.
normzone, Aug 31 2006

       The Law Society would have me hanged.
calum, Aug 31 2006

       concessions - real croissants sent round from the local bakery would be my initial demand. I'm prepared for difficult negotiations and a strict "work to rule" period.
xenzag, Aug 31 2006

       [DrCurry] If he did, it would, but he didn't, so it's not?
zen_tom, Aug 31 2006

       Hey, I think we've stumbled across [UB]'s weak point.   

       Weak being a relative term, of course.
egbert, Aug 31 2006

       zen_tom: yeah.
DrCurry, Aug 31 2006

       I've been told I can stop traffic. <blushes>   

xandram, Aug 31 2006

       Ahh: a blushing crossing guard! That's sweet ;)
pertinax, Aug 31 2006

       //If it means I stop 'baking, nothing important happens.// Only tears, wailing and gnashing of teeth, UB.   

       Hey, there's the halfbaked strike! If everyone stopped posting to the halfbakery for a week, the business world would crumble. Regular contributors would be in writer's withdrawal, and get even less work done than usual, while the uncounted millions who read but haven't joined would be compulsively checking in every five minutes to see what the heck is happening.   

       Oh, wait, that's the same as a server crash.   

       Which means jutta has the power to stop the world.   

       Although if she stopped it now, I'd get off my duff and finish painting the house.
baconbrain, Aug 31 2006

       And I could finish my deck.
jhomrighaus, Aug 31 2006

       I keep reading this as a call to action like a Saturday morning superheroes cartoon: "Halfbakers, strike!".   

       Dunno what they'd be doing, though...
Ridding the world of bad science and spelling errors?
Solving world crises with halfbaked ideas?
"You break the laws of thermodynamics and you'll answer to us, pal!"
half, Aug 31 2006

       Heck [half] I already do that to every kids show on television(little einstiens is my current focus)
jhomrighaus, Aug 31 2006

       love it [half] great interpretation   

       Strike while the griddle is hot.
xandram, Aug 31 2006

       Experience? Not yet. My record is clean.
RayfordSteele, Aug 31 2006

       Still concerned about the state of your vinyl collection, [RayfordSteele}?
normzone, Aug 31 2006

       From memory:   

       Vroomfondel: We'll go on strike!   

       Majikthise: That's right! You'll have national philosophers strike on your hands!   

       Deep thought: And who will that inconvenience?   

       Vroomfondel: Never you mind who it will inconvenience, it will hurt buster, it'll hurt!   

       Great idea+
zeno, Sep 01 2006

       //Well, I've noticed some withdrawal symptoms for a bit...//   

       Good for you, UnaBubba! See, that wasn't so bad. Okay, next time we're going to go for an *entire* 5 minutes. I know, I know. It'll be hard, but you can do it. <mutters under breath> God knows I couldn't. <mub>
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 01 2006

       Sorry, UB, I wasn't clear. If you left, it's me who would be sad . . . again.   

       As for the effect of all Halfbakers staying home: The company that I was working for when I discovered the Halfbakery decided to send me home permanently. (I don't think there was any connection.) They seem to be managing fine without me. (I know that I'm a lot better off, thank you.)
baconbrain, Sep 01 2006

       No! Say it ain't so! You mean to tell me there's an element of tongue-in-cheek sometimes? Oh, I'm going to have to re-learn the world all over again :-)
normzone, Sep 02 2006

       //how is it possible to do less than nothing?//   

       Simple: set out to hinder or cease any progression that could be made.   

       "We are one,
but we are many
And from all
the lands on earth we come
We share a dream
And sing with one voice:
I am, you are, we are Halfbakers..."

       - Suggested protest/strike song for the Halfbakers.   

       I'm actually surprised that I didn't have to slightly edit that excerpt from that song.
froglet, Sep 02 2006

       I'm afraid I'm going to [-] this one, Norm. I have no desire to see the world continue unconcerned after a few hundred 'bakers fail to turn up to work. I'd rather stay in my own little fantasyland where we are all hugely important. You are a navy seal commander, [UB] is the online name of Peter Garrett and [World] is the senior partner at Ove Arup. I can't tell you what I do or I'd have to get a psych team in to clean your memory.
wagster, Sep 03 2006

       By the way, from now on [wagster] shall be known only as [w].   

       I'm sure the only result of this would be that I'd be here more often.
hidden truths, Sep 03 2006

       I propose that we could agree on being ready to meet our ruler to negotiate a series of demands.... begins pushing normzone towards Jutta's office with a long pole.
xenzag, Sep 04 2006

       Closest thing I could think of to an Aussie hero. <leaves self wide open to heated political debate>
wagster, Sep 04 2006

       Well then that leave Crocodile Dundee or Russel Crowe.
jhomrighaus, Sep 04 2006

       Is this a specialty pole designed by the bakers?
normzone, Sep 04 2006

       I was thinking more of the type of pole that is used to move barges along :-)
xenzag, Sep 04 2006

       <hides pants>
po, Sep 04 2006

       I think a vote for Steve Irwin may be in order as at least a potential hero from australia.
jhomrighaus, Sep 05 2006

       Come to think of it, [wagster], I am a seal commander. Ok, actually, I regularly tell seals to get lost when I'm spearfishing because they're scaring the fish, but I can't say as they always listen to me.   

       And if a psych team was available to clean up my memory, I'd pay bonuses if you could get them over here quickly.
normzone, Sep 05 2006

       Similarly, I still can't tell you what I do, but it's more because I'm not quite sure.
wagster, Sep 05 2006

       //And if a psych team was available to clean up my memory ...//   

       hah. [normzone]. (me too).
Zimmy, Sep 06 2006

       Perfect. [+]
daseva, Sep 06 2006


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