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Halfbakery business

halfbakery ideas box
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Many companies and schools have ideas boxes. You can slip in a piece of paper with your idea and hope the ones in charge will ever read it and take action.

So I propose companies make websites like this one, only allowing ideas that have something to do with the company. Like Halfbakery GE, Halfbakery Shell, Halfbakery Procter and Gamble, Halfbakery Google, Halfbakery the Pub Down The Road.

Employees are allowed to spend some time on this website, say one or two hours a week and submit ideas and anno on others. Also customers of said companies may apply for membership.

The layout of these sites are exactly like this one as I believe much of the succes comes from this supurb layout.

These companies will have to pay a fee to [Jutta] so she will get immensly rich. (and give all the money to charity as she is likely to do.)

It will be primarily a fun experience with the occasional good idea that will actually benefit the company in question.

It will also act as a motivational tool.

zeno, Sep 09 2007

No offence to our [macchiavelli]... http://insidebtobma...s-and-managing.html
...but this is not what we do here. [pertinax, Sep 09 2007]

so why isn't this good enough? http://www.halfbake...alfbakery_3a_20Idea
[dentworth, Sep 09 2007]


       I think it would take more than just the layout to emulate this site. It's been said, with some plausibility, that the creation of new ideas is closely linked to relaxation; they're much more likely to come out of a hot bath than out of a brainstorming session.   

       Because management would want to see some return on the hundreds of man-hours that this thing would soon suck up, and because of the office-politics implications of actually implementing ideas, I think the proposed corporate bakeries would lack the air of relaxed unreality which makes this place so pleasant.   

       Consequently, I don't think they would generate any more ideas than existing suggestion boxes.   

       To put it another way; if you really want the organisation you work for to do something new or different, you generally need to conduct a sustained campaign in which egos will be bruised and blame will be stormed, and the mindset necessary for that is quite different from the whimsical mindset normally expressed here.
pertinax, Sep 09 2007


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