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Halfbaked patenting

How to patent a great idea described in too much detail on halfbakery
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So you had this great idea and wrote a little about it. Then in some follow-up edits and annotations you filled out the dots.

And then you decide to actually make it.

But you cannot file a patent because you publicized the idea and anyone can claim that they didn't take it from your patent but rather learned about it from the HB website.

In comes the Halfbakery patenting half-baked idea (I can only tell you part of it, because this hasn't been properly thought out).

You add a link from the halfbaked idea to Halfbaked patenting. Your willing, compliant and helpful friends on HB immediately debate a strategy of misunderstanding, and explain the idea off in a totally wrong way, saying that it is the obvious way to read your idea.

Thus when filing the patent you can always claim that your patent is valid, and uniquely distinct from the one described on HB, which was meant to be and was even ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD by the halfbakers themselves as something completely different from this patent.

Or maybe you can come up with some other way to accomplish this? (Besides deleting the idea)

pashute, Jul 20 2020


       sp. Parenting.   

       Apart from the accidental typo I can see nothing wrong with this idea as it clearly states that members of the halfbakery should procreate with one another in order to spawn a master race of crazy inventors.
pocmloc, Jul 20 2020

       My parenting skills are already quite undercooked. They should give lessons before just sending babies out willy-nilly.   

       There is a bit of a concern with the internet archive getting in the way.
RayfordSteele, Jul 20 2020

       //In comes the Halfbakery patenting half-baked idea (I can only tell you part of it, because this hasn't been properly thought out).//   

       And this is different from all the other existing hb ideas archived, how???
blissmiss, Jul 20 2020

       First off;
//members of the halfbakery should procreate with one another in order to spawn a master race of crazy inventors.//


Doesn't work.
Disclosed is disclosed.
Found out the hard way.

       In hindsight I should probably write a book about all of the various ways there are to have ones intellectual property not remain one's own. I can see it now...   

       Chapter one: Invention Help Programs.
Chapter two: Patent Search Company Scams.
Chapter three: How Little Your Constitution Really Protects Your Rights As An Inventor.
Chapter Four: University Mishaps.


       Well crap... this stuff just basically writes itself.   

       Go for it, [2 fries]. But bear in mind this experience: I had a book published once, but the publisher insisted I sign away my "moral rights" over the work. I didn't mind, since I wasn't trying to get famous, nor to make a living from writing (and they do pay me my small royalty), but I thought that little sting in the tail might give you a wry smile - maybe it could give your book a neatly provocative, self-referential ending.
pertinax, Jul 22 2020

       Oh I'm not writing a book. Not enough time.
No, I'm going to begin the class action law suit against the governments of North America to regain our constitutional first-to-invent rights. Somebody else will write the book.

       I just thought a few early chapter headings might help whomsoever that person ends up being. See?   

       Misread the title as "Halfbaked Parenting" ....   

       What might that be like... ? How would the children turn out - if, that is, they survived...?
8th of 7, Jul 22 2020

       The idea is not made public, only members who signed a NDA can see it.   

       What is wrong with that? What makes that Non Disclosure Agreement void?   

       Why would it be different from pre-patent work on an idea with a professional company under an NDA which is common practice?   

       [edit: ok, I see nobody is in the mood for actually patenting anything these days]
pashute, Aug 05 2020

       [2 fries] did you lose your ip although they signed an NDA? Didn't they have to prove they got the idea from somewhere else?
pashute, Aug 06 2020


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