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Halfbakery Background Colors

Because white is kinda dull.
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Sure, black text against white does stand out, and it's functional but what about a variety of attractive light pastel colors for the Halfbakery background?

I would love to see particular colors for different catagories. Like red for Culture, green for Food or violet for Fashion. And the front page would be a "pumpkinish-orange-yellow" color.

mrkillboy, Jun 28 2001


       Oh, and how about a nice peppy midi soundtrack, eh? Maybe some animated gifs to add movement? No, no, no! This is a haven of functional simplicity in an idiotically rococco medium. (Looking at art sites I was struck by the number which used black backgrounds and green or blue text, very hard to read.)
Dog Ed, Jun 28 2001

       Dog_Ed: Or the websites that use some loud graphic for the background and the text disappears into it.   

       I prefer light text on a dark background <like my DoD page, yellow, white and cyan on dark green>, but this is ok as is.   

       Don't think I've ever seen an idea quite so universally fishboned as this one...
StarChaser, Jun 30 2001

       <snicker> really, StarChaser? Check out the fishbone count for Vagina Jam......it may be getting close to some sort of record.....
Susen, Jun 30 2001

       It's got a lot of bones, twoo, but it's got five positive votes...this one has ZIP for positive...<Of course, now that I've said that, someone will give it one...>
StarChaser, Jun 30 2001

       Yep, someone did (not me).
angel, Jul 01 2001


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