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Half Bakery 2.0

update the site please
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I suggest the inclusion of a sketchpad programs so great half baked ideas can be sketched out. At the very least add an upload service to upload small drawings or pictures.

This is the year 2011, all the major forum clients have the ability to upload pictures. Server space isn't expensive

i also suggest giving us more text formating options (bold?) if you're feeling crazy maybe even avatars, and maybe getting rid of fixed column widths.

add facebook like button?

metarinka, Aug 20 2011

Adding illustrations to HB Illustrations
[ldischler, Aug 20 2011]

A drawing that once graced one of my ideas http://bz.pair.com/fun/parab-o-pool.html
It was the small, rotating table, which was used as a test [ldischler, Aug 20 2011]


       ooh and advertisements... and flash... and background images... and javascript dancing donkeys and....
FlyingToaster, Aug 20 2011

       ketchup anyone?
po, Aug 20 2011

       I can only see this as a joke. To me, this reads as a list of everything that's wrong with the web.
nineteenthly, Aug 20 2011

       I liked the illustration option, while it lasted.
ldischler, Aug 20 2011

       Why not add muzak and Donald Duck cartoon characters? An instant bone from me.
xenzag, Aug 20 2011

       This should be moved to halfbakery: layout or halfbakery: image, where there are very similar ideas.
ldischler, Aug 20 2011

       and please don't Half the title in half
spelled: halfbakery
xandram, Aug 20 2011

       What [21Q] said.   

       Damn, did we just agree with him on something ?
8th of 7, Aug 20 2011

       HAHAHAHAAAA! Run Faster! Jump Higher! Hey, wait a minute. Is evolution inevitable? Hmmm.   

       <here's GROG thinking, "...Good Heavens, I could go the way of the Neanderthal if my species evolves!...">   

       HB <and GROG> just fine.   

       Bone [-]
Grogster, Aug 20 2011

       Good point, [bigsleep], although it undermines my whinging.
nineteenthly, Aug 20 2011


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