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Halfbakery Constellations

Remember us folks here at hb, wherever you may be
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Orion's rectangular frame looks to me not like a hunter, but rather a slab of velcro wallpaper, with a velcro bird stuck onto it right in the middle. Or is it an elevator, with a handy emergency crank on the wall?

How can one look at the Big Dipper and not think of the "Tails For All" invention? Perhaps in a dream I've seen a Hullaballoon in the night sky, hovering majestically above the western horizon. These are treasures that all of us halfbakers can enjoy for the rest of our lives -- long after this site is gone -- provided that some persevering halfbaker and cartographer will take the time to catalog their stellar positions for us.

Think of the spirituality an old man would feel to see this! At the age of 85, he may go on one last tour of the primeval mountains of Alaska while his failing health still allows him to, and, as he humbly gazes up at the vast heavens in the year 2042, he may notice something familiar about the pattern. He cannot picture what it is at first. Is there something special about that grouping of triangles? he wonders half-knowingly. Suddenly he remembers -- Flocking Road Cones! A world of memories comes rushing back to him -- ideas that were invented during his lifetime, lovely ideas that were dropped due to impracticality -- ideas that got their first start here on the halfbakery back when he was a young man -- they are all still up there! Tears roll down his trembling chin as he avows his love for this place. Ah! he exclaims, At last an old man can die happy!

phundug, Apr 02 2004


       Aha - the Hullaballoon lives on! Sheesh - where'd it go?
DrCurry, Apr 02 2004

       Perhaps there'll be a v-jam constellation. -.-;
Aerythes, Apr 03 2004

       Funny, the Big Dipper always reminds me of Pole Pants. But I like the constellations fine just as they are -.
DrBob, Apr 05 2004

       Hey - since the stars appear to change positions in the sky over thousands of years, the Flocking Road Cones could be chosen so that they'll really flock!
phundug, Apr 05 2004

       Hey - that bright star over there reminds me of that one idea I had that looked so good, but was fishboned so fast, it made me ashamed to live. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Apr 05 2004

       Seeing as how we are all star stuff, we have literally *been* the constellations and will be again.   

echo, Apr 05 2004

       2fsoahm: well, no, we haven't been the constellations, nor will be ever - they are quite a ways away, and speed of light limitations rule that out. (We might have been someone else's constellations, of course, assuming that said alien someone has eyes that can see stars and is as anthropomorphic as we are.)
DrCurry, Apr 05 2004


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