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Halfbakery Neologisms

Look It Up and You'll Find a Picture of...
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Members of the Halfbakery community might consider honoring their fellows— and themselves— in a way pertinent to their passions by incorporating their names into relevant new words. Ideally, words that reflect a particular attribute for which the subject may have become known.

Those coming first to mind include: unabubbablation, globaltourniquetiquette, dogedacious and juttalacrity.

Capitals have been eschewed in these examples for etymological soundness only. Lexicographers are well-known for small-thinking in re creative case-mixing.

The term "neologism" is employed here with regard to its prime definition: a newly coined word. Not the other which has something to do with the ravings of a lunatic.

The Military, Jun 29 2001


       Militarevasive, actually. Lessee: ...language, umh-hmm... words, yup. How could I have been so blind!
The Military, Jun 30 2001

       Mephistachevious. suseniquine. rafoleaen. Petersealacious. Potatostewegian. egnoriloquence. wimlation. vernonosity. Monkfishy? Monkfisherion? ravenswoodism.
Dog Ed, Jun 30 2001

       You know you should have checked the power lead first. It was stupid not to. Feeling like a prize turnip? That feeling's called "Starchased".
DrBob, Jun 30 2001

goff, Jul 02 2001

       can anyone make jack outta mine? and i don't mean jack.
ichinichi, Jul 02 2001

globaltourniquet, Jul 02 2001

       hipporant!? - sounds a bit globaltournectic...
hippo, Jul 03 2001


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