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Halfbakery Easter Eggs

Unexpected whimsical rewards
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Add bonus content to this site that only a lucky few will find or even hear about.

-An idea that does not appear in search results and can only be reached from a rarely-seen link on a long-forgotten idea, where those in the know meet sometimes to discuss secret matters.

-Logo, format, or font changes that occur when a certain (improbable) phrase is entered in a comment.

-When someone's total words written on this site reaches 100,000, an email containing all of their writings as a pdf attachment is automatically sent to them for them to print and display as an attractive book.

-When someone achieves a 10:1 bun-bone ratio (both given and received) as well as posts in every single category and on every day of the year, they are tracked down (via their IP address and the Patriot act) and given a free cruise to somewhere Internet-free.

sninctown, Nov 01 2009


       Saying something like 'Pirates' used to do it.
RayfordSteele, Nov 01 2009

       (print and display as an attractive book.)   

       I don't know that volume of words automatically translates as attractive. If that were the case, [Vernon] would be a supermodel.
normzone, Nov 01 2009

       //-When someone's total words written on this site reaches 100,000, an email containing all of their writings as a pdf attachment is automatically sent to // their boss.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 01 2009

       The "Pirate" Easter egg changed the voting options from "for, against" to "yarr, narr" (or maybe "arr, narr", I'm a little hazy on my Pirate-ese nowadays) if the title of an idea contained the word "Pirate". Blame either 826 Valencia or the music/comedy duo Paul and Storm, who have a long, bawdy pirate song with lots of Arrrrr... puns that they invariably close their shows with. It was cute for a while, then it got horribly overused, so I retired it.   

       I like this kind of thing, but it tends to break the site (because I make mistakes implementing it) and confuse users (because such meta-changes are immediately more important than whatever the idea was), so I don't tend to do it unless either provoked or very overcaffeinated.
jutta, Nov 01 2009

       <gratuitous and probably redundant halfbakery suggestion from someone too lazy to post it as an idea> How about a "Even randomer" button that does an on-the-fly idea generation by picking consecutive sentences from 9 randomly chosen ideas? <\gaprhsfstltpiaai>
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 01 2009

       We could call it 'the Beany button'.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 01 2009

       For Quarkxpress on a Mac (I know nothing about PCs) Draw an image box, then press Shift-Option-Command-K to get an alien to appear who will zap your image. This is a classic Easter egg.
xenzag, Nov 01 2009

       I remember the 'pirate' thing in the title of an idea was the sole reason I posted the idea "Ingeniously aspirated cool suit"
hippo, Nov 01 2009

       //Hold shift down while you minimise a finder window.// Far out! - works other way too.
xenzag, Nov 01 2009

       [Ian] you're playing with us
pocmloc, Nov 01 2009

       There used to be a devilishly hard to find one in Microsoft Excel, you had to go to a particular cell and type something particular in, then press some complicated key combination and your PC would turn into a sort of futuristic flight simulator.
zen_tom, Nov 01 2009

       Then there was the Excel one that included a doom game.
RayfordSteele, Nov 02 2009

       And pinball. I think the Excel developers must have has a bit of time on their hands.
wagster, Nov 02 2009

       I know where there's one... but it requires The Wayback Machine.
For years I've been updating an anno with an aim to watching it animate on the WBM - Sort of long-term timelapse.
All you need to do is trawl all my annos since the start of time ;)
Dub, Nov 02 2009


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