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Find anti-custard

Counteract custard ideas with anti-custard ideas
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Custard is of course a cliche here. In order to remedy this problem, i suggest that we attempt to find the opposite of custard and for every idea which involves custard, post an equal and opposite idea. Then the custard and anti- custard ideas will mutually annihilate, releasing enormous amounts of creative energy for us all to harness in some kind of gym.

Possible examples: ketchup, silly putty, non-drip paint, molasses, toothpaste.

The substance should be blue, of course.

Then you come up with an idea like this:

Ketchup (or something else)-filled speed bumps: prevent slow vehicles from progressing while allowing faster ones past, thereby encouraging traffic to speed through residential areas.

nineteenthly, Nov 16 2009

Anti-custard in use http://i122.photobu...hly/anti-trifle.jpg
(in anti-trifle) [nineteenthly, Nov 16 2009]

Planets Halfbakery http://i122.photobu...thly/custardier.png
Sunaru and Enutpen [nineteenthly, Nov 16 2009]

Catastrophe theory http://en.wikipedia.../Catastrophe_theory
Not necessarily custard-based. [8th of 7, Nov 17 2009]

Chilli chocolate http://www.montezum.../showitem.asp?i=824
The best [pocmloc, Nov 20 2009]


       Properties of custard: yellow, warm, sweet, viscous fluid, nutritious, popular.   

       Would Anti-Custard have exactly the same physical properties, or exactly the opposite ?   

       Anti-hydrogen and Anti-deuterium have exactly the same physical properties as their normal counterparts; same boiling point, atomic mass, etc.   

       So is this Antimatter Custard, or Anti-Custard, which would probably be a thin, cold, blue-coloured poisonous bitter-tasting gas ?
8th of 7, Nov 16 2009

       Interesting point. Maybe i'm looking for bizarro custard rather than anti-custard, but the thing is, that wouldn't release energy if it collided with custard.   

       If it did collide with custard, would speed make a difference?   

       And yes, i can totally see that Uranus is made of anti- custard. Or Neptune.
nineteenthly, Nov 16 2009

       why is blue opposite? custard of the cornstarch type is white. yes, yes, egg custard is yellow, but I thought we had cleared up this confusion years ago... so based on non-newtonian white, I go with burnt marshmallows.   

       edit: thanks 8th, I thought it looked wrong. too lazy to spell check sometimes.
dentworth, Nov 16 2009

       // neutonian //   

       Newtonian ?   

       Neutronium ?   

       Newts ?
8th of 7, Nov 16 2009

       Marshmallow the plant is an oddly underexploited material, i've long thought. Yes, definite possibilities there.
nineteenthly, Nov 16 2009

       If this is the basic custard recipe:
2 cups milk
2 eggs
1/8 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons sugar

       I would think you could make it like this:
1/2 cup water
1 chicken
8 TBLS. pepper
1/2 teaspoon lemon bitters
there you have it!
xandram, Nov 16 2009

       If eggs become chicken, wouldn't milk become beef?
bungston, Nov 16 2009

       The scary part is that [xandram]'s suggestion might actually be quite edible ......
8th of 7, Nov 16 2009

       This does rather beg the question of what's on the dessert menu in the LHC staff restaurant ....
8th of 7, Nov 16 2009

       // This does rather beg the question of what's on the dessert menu in the LHC staff restaurant ...//
Something with baguette.
gnomethang, Nov 16 2009

       "Do you want Bosons with that...?"
8th of 7, Nov 16 2009

       [Bigsleep]'s version is probably the closest to my original idea. [Xandram]'s sounds edible. I've always thought of the edibility of HB custard to be akin to the edibility of certain minerals - not really relevant to their properties.   

       What's the opposite of vanilla?
nineteenthly, Nov 16 2009

       //WE discovered a substance we called dratsuc, laast night. Will it do, for now? — UnaBubba, Nov 16 2009//

Did nobody else spot that? [8th of 7] has finally broken loose. We're all dooooooooooooooooooomed.
kaz, Nov 16 2009

       I always thought mustard was the opposite of custard!
MikeOliver, Nov 16 2009

       I think the LHC will probably produce it in the end, but we could just sit around and wait for Boltzmann dratsuc to materialise somewhere in a large wobbly heap. But would it be wobbly?
nineteenthly, Nov 17 2009

       so [bungston] is right about about the milk/beef thing! I think we need to collaborate on this... be back later.
xandram, Nov 17 2009

       It suggests there could be alternating generations of custard and non-custard. Non-custard is some kind of meaty stew with some unusual herbal ingredients, then it gives way to custard, which in turn transitions into the stew.
nineteenthly, Nov 17 2009

       Is it a linear transition, or a quantum state change ?   

8th of 7, Nov 17 2009

       If you had an opaque bottle with a nipple/teat on the end, it could contain uncollapsed custardoid waves and you'd have to suck it and see.
nineteenthly, Nov 17 2009

       Custard (proper custard, not school "pseudocustard") tends to be homogeneous, with a smooth surface, particularly once it has cooled and a skin has formed, suggesting that it has anentropic properties.   

       Stew has a rather more fractal quality... does this support the concept of onion gravy being "anti-custard" ?
8th of 7, Nov 17 2009

       It was invented, but failed in the marketplace in competition with the Cream Horn.
8th of 7, Nov 17 2009

       And the tuba made of bread
pocmloc, Nov 17 2009

       // tuba made of bread //   

       No, pasta ... haven't you heard of the "Cannelonium" ?
8th of 7, Nov 17 2009

       Sounds like some kind of Trumped up Jam
gnomethang, Nov 17 2009

       What will you play, "Strawberry Fields", or are you just planning a jam session ?
8th of 7, Nov 18 2009

       The whole thing sounds a bit drastuc.
csea, Nov 18 2009

       //drastuc// sp.
pocmloc, Nov 18 2009

       Now i wonder what cistard would be, and how i'd spell it.
nineteenthly, Nov 18 2009

       Isn't that more properly known as pustard ?
8th of 7, Nov 18 2009

       My eyes get all unglazed when I think of smooth yellow custard sliding down my throat.
blissmiss, Nov 18 2009


       That's the precise reason i hate custard as a food item (not as a fluid or whatever though).
nineteenthly, Nov 18 2009

       Abscesses make the heart grow fonder...
8th of 7, Nov 19 2009

       What bigsleep said.
DrBob, Nov 19 2009

       You are so right, [UB]. Who'd've thought we have that in common?
nineteenthly, Nov 19 2009

       What would an Einsteinian fluid be?
nineteenthly, Nov 19 2009

       [marked-for-deletion] "bad science"/ "theory"/ "we should research..."/ "magic"
hippo, Nov 19 2009

       /so [bungston] is right about about the milk/beef thing! I think we need to collaborate on this... be back later.'/   


       Depends on which came first, the chicken or the egg.
outloud, Nov 19 2009

       Let's pour some into the LHC, and see if we can find the fabled Birds-Tickle particle/anti-particle rotating pair
Dub, Nov 19 2009

       Every time I think of custard, images of abscesses spring unbidden to my mind. I can't stand the stuff. — UnaBubba, Nov 19 2009   


       When did you last have abscess and does it spred well om toast?
outloud, Nov 19 2009

       // spred //   

       Sp: "Spurt"
8th of 7, Nov 19 2009

       Got me and improved upon. :)
outloud, Nov 19 2009

       I've decided that the opposite of milk is Chocolate Milk, therefore something like Chocolate chicken soup with lots of pepper should do it for me.
xandram, Nov 19 2009

       //What's the opposite of vanilla?//

If we use the definition of vanilla as "a flavouring substance...used in ice cream, chocolate and other foods." [thank you, Chambers Dictionary], then surely the opposite of vanilla would be "substance removed from ice cream etc to unflavour it". Sounds like vanilla to me! Ergo, everything is the opposite of itself.
DrBob, Nov 19 2009

       //which came first, the chicken or the egg// I don't understand this question, it's obvious that there were egg-laying animals millions of years before chickens or any other kind of bird had evolved.
pocmloc, Nov 19 2009

       [Hippo], whereas i would hesitate to defend this idea on the grounds that it isn't frivolous, i do have a what passes for serious here intention in posting it.   

       There are many good custard-themed ideas here and some other ideas which use custard. On the whole, they use custard to mean a shear- thickening fluid which happens to be edible rather than an edible fluid which happens to be shear- thickening. There are also shear-thinning fluids, for instance ketchup. My imagination is sometimes paralysed by custard, and for all i know "ketchup", i.e. something whose viscosity would describe a complementary curve when plotted against shear or strain to custard, has just as many applications. Moreover, there are other non- Newtonian fluids which behave differently again. All i'm really doing here is expressing a wish to think up applications for other types of non- Newtonian fluid and regret that my ability to think of them is impaired by the thought of custard whenever i try. But then maybe the reason for that is that escaping custard involves gentle but persistent thought rather than brute-force thought, so it's also mentally shear-thickening.   

       For that reason, i would resist the proposition that this be deleted unless you suggest it more gently.
nineteenthly, Nov 19 2009

       // Chocolate chicken soup with lots of pepper //   

       Interestingly, there is a variation on the classic Mexican "Chilli con Carne" which uses Xocolatl - chocolate.   

       The Aztecs were fond of drinking a concoction of dark, bitter chocolate spiced with Chillis. Making a Chilli con carne using chicken and dark, bitter chocolate sounds remarkably enticing.
8th of 7, Nov 19 2009

       I haven't made that exactly, but i did make it with tofu instead of chicken. It was interesting to try once, not disgusting, but i wouldn't care to try it again.
nineteenthly, Nov 19 2009

       //Now i wonder what cistard would be//[nineteenthly]   

       The inverted isomer of transtard of course.
BunsenHoneydew, Nov 19 2009

       Does it have enantiomers too?
nineteenthly, Nov 20 2009

       Nicht so viele wie Zweistein, wahrscheinlich.
nineteenthly, Nov 20 2009

       What's the sound of one hand - no, what's the sound of a knocker - no, what's the sound of a door without - er ...   

       Got it: If a 'Baker responds to [UB], do they make sense?
nineteenthly, Mar 20 2010


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