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Halfbakery Elephant Graveyard

Another day in the halfbakery...
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Jutta wakes up, and scrubs her brow, tired from the night of tireless partying (read: programming) the night before.

She flicks on the screen before she gets in the shower, and the homepage is already up. That moron [Blumster] has done it again...Another terrible idea.

'God, if only these kids could have seen [insert worst idea ever here] or been around when [biggest moron ever to come to HB] ran around like a wild idiot...'

Jutta contemplated the implications, and knew what had to be done...

An extension of the help page chock full of stories from old users as to the utter stupidity of those who have come and gone. Also included would be some famous ideas from the past known for their idiocy with critical analysis from seasoned bakers. By showing blatant misuses of the bakery, and mercilessly making fun of them, perhaps those morons wouldn't be so quick to post it next time.

'This elephant graveyard concept just might work' Jutta thought, as she got up to go brush her teeth, and prepared herself to cater to yet another volley of odious ideas.

I apologize ahead of time, thanks for sticking with me [jutta].

Blumster, Jun 05 2005

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       Was this idea just a description of [jutta] reading this same idea? If so, that's a little hard to get my head around. If however, this is about creating a 'help file by example' then it's quite good. Either way I'll give you a bun.
wagster, Jun 05 2005

       A bit of both [wag]. But mostly the latter with a side dish of genuine apology
Blumster, Jun 05 2005

       Which do you propose [half]?
Blumster, Jun 05 2005

       Doesn't matter where you put it, but you've got it in the only 100% serious category in here. You could try Halfbakery:Archive
wagster, Jun 05 2005

       I don't know how I overlooked it, but now it resides in halfbakery: garbage collection.   

       Uber-appropriate on more than one level.
Blumster, Jun 05 2005

       bun for relocation if nothing else
po, Jun 05 2005

       I can't believe I've never noticed that category before. I must investigate.
wagster, Jun 05 2005

       Strangely enough I found one of my own ideas in there, even though I've never noticed it.
wagster, Jun 05 2005

       I think this would give people of that type a strong incentive to try and make the list. Besides, how many of them read the help file before posting?
RayfordSteele, Jun 07 2005

       Some of the ideas around here do resemble the remains in an elephant's graveyard. Once proud ideas now lay ruined within the depths of the bakery. The long trail of annos that once gave them life are moribund and neglected and rendered incomprehensible by swiss cheesing. Like the decayed and abandoned skeleton of some once mighty leviathan.

Err...sorry about that.
DrBob, Jun 07 2005

       Well said, [Dr Bob]. And I would give you a bun for "swiss cheesing" - an HB effect which pains me when I find it.
bungston, Jun 08 2005


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