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Halfbakery Followup

One bad idea deserves another
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Fairly often, it seems, a Halfbaker is inspired by another Halfbaker's ideas, but takes it in a wacky new direction. In such a case, it seems appropriate to credit the source of the inspiration.

Would it be possible to add a "followup" feature? As I envision it, if you followed-up an idea- say, this one- you would post your idea (say, "Break Uncle Nutsy's Fingers") normally and the Halfbakery would automagically add a link to the idea you followed-up, with the name being the name of the inspiring idea and the summary being either that idea's summary or a simple message like "Inspiration for this idea."

Alternatively, would it be possible to include the "add link" text entry boxen beneath the "add an idea" text entry boxen, so that you could make any one link annotation at the same time as you added a new idea?

Or, considering you can do all this now for just a few more steps, is this all just a load of hooey?

Uncle Nutsy, Nov 19 2000


       It sounds useful to me. Annotations are full of separate-but-related ideas which might have been spun off as new entries if they could have been marked as being derived from the original idea.
Monkfish, Nov 19 2000

       It's mostly hooey. Apart from "automagically" that is. What a wonderful word. It should be in more common usage. Now, about that Break Uncle Nutsy's Fingers idea...
DrBob, Nov 21 2000


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