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Halfbakery Headlines Help Horrible Headaches

Pun promoting person pauses posting, preventing pandemonium
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[Edited idiotic odd idea identifying additional advice]

Hother halfbakers who half himilar hideas hare hinvited t hadd hem here hevn hif htey harent hrom Huston.

Barney believes badly behaving brother beheaded before birthday.

Newspaper nourishes Norwegian non-negotiation notion.

Extremely experienced X-men expose exasperating Xmas export.

Invention indicates insufficient insulin intake.

pashute, Dec 17 2012

Love links... Link_20letters
[normzone, Dec 17 2012]

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       Hother halfbakers who half himilar hideas hare hinvited t hadd hem here hevn hif htey harent hrom Huston.   

       Robber runs, ruining rabbi's rubber robes.   

       Murdered milkman makes millions melting metal marbles.   

       Archaic artifacts around Argentine area arouse arbitrary arguments.   

       Sleepless surrealist sliding sideways supposedly surprises spouse, spilling soup.   

       Floating flute fascinates fanatics feeling fortunate.   

       Genuine gems jeopardize German geographer's journey.   

       Peace promoting politician prefers public parking plot
pashute, Dec 17 2012

       Love links, like lemmings, last longer laughing, leaning lower, limiting life loss, leaving lurking lifeless looking leftist librarians lecturing . [link]   

       Fly floss forces false film from four fortunate fearsome fireflies fleeing feelings.
pashute, Dec 19 2012

       Neither "Nothing" nor "Nether" negate "no". Never.   

       Mental monkeys. More mental monkeys. Millions. Millions more mental monkeys. Multi-million mental monkeys. Multimillionaire mental monkeys. My murky mind mixes multiple magnificent magical mortals, marking miniature malfunctioning mental multimillionaire manager monkeys.
pashute, Dec 19 2012

       Alliterative? eh?! oh!   

       And where's Alterother?
pashute, Dec 19 2012

       Alliteration always alright, although assonance are amply adverse.
rcarty, Dec 20 2012


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