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Halfbakery Idea Autocomplete

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As your typing out your ingenious thought that someone else has already thought of and posted eons ago, once you complete enough words for a match to another specific topic, it alerts you.

Or I could search better...

Giblet, Feb 22 2005


       Ooooh, this would be both wonderful and terribly annoying, as all autocomplete functions are.
normzone, Feb 22 2005

       "Warning: your idea has been identified as unoriginal. It bears many many resemblances to [Idea1], [Idea2] and [Idea3] and will likely be pilloried by other users. Please ensure that your idea is significantly different to those above or risk fishbone disaster."
wagster, Feb 22 2005

       <irritating paper clip stylee> "It looks like like you're typing an unoriginal idea. Do you want me to:
1) add auto links to the original idea
2) send it to the recycling bin
</irritating paper clip stylee>
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 22 2005

       And this would be written in what, Ajax? (Javascript + XML HTTP)
bristolz, Feb 22 2005


       Sphericon custard pirates playing guitars made out of an oloid that rolls (see link) in a wobling pattern you could have them in your office and you call the number for tech support and viola! you have custardy computer!   

phundug, Feb 22 2005

       Sounds like it could also be used as an HB glossary.
Ling, Feb 22 2005

       A warning when you submit your idea would use far less custard. Am I using the term custard correctly?   

       I'm not totally sure about the custard/tumbleweed thing here at HB.   

       It actually kind of scares me.
Giblet, Feb 23 2005


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