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HalfBakery Research Project

I'm doing a research paper on the HalfBakery
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3/8 I'm doing a research paper on the HalfBakery as an internet community and I could use some info. For now, all I need to know is if there is anything anyone does/does not want me to include in my report. Also, I'm adding some contact info to my user profile.
nick_n_uit, Mar 09 2001

A full-circle baking. http://wiw.org/~abs.../hbreportintro.html
I'm honored to present it. At the link above, you will find a functionality-stripped version of this page, with a link to the html-ized version of the full paper. nick, jutta, is all this okay? [absterge, Mar 09 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Interesting. Who is going to read this? Can we have a look at some of the drafts? Need any interviews?
centauri, Mar 09 2001

       Abnormal Psychology 101?
blahginger, Mar 09 2001

       "Immersion into a virtual community culture of name-calling and ostentatious cleverness as a means of prevarication and ignoring 'real-world' responsibilities: A study"
hippo, Mar 09 2001

       ...or "Why the World is Doomed".
DrBob, Mar 09 2001

       I think you're title for your paper should be:   

       "Baked. It's called a research paper on the Halfbakery."   

       Confusing to the reader at first, the relevance will be revealed upon reading the paper. This could also serve as the last 2 sentences in it.   

       Speaking of the halfbakery as a research project, I have mentioned several ideas from here in my New Products Marketing class -- they always provide for interesting classroom discussion.
Wes, Mar 09 2001

       I'd like you not to include any of the vowels in my name. I'm not sure why...just in a silly mood I guess.
sirrobin, Mar 09 2001

       As long as you are asking....I would like you to include at least 5 spelling mistakes (10 year old reading level words), one giant run-on sentence that spans half a page, alternate using single and double spacing at regular intervals, at least one page should be defaced with a coffee mug ring, and of course the paper itself should smell like fish.
blahginger, Mar 09 2001

       This sounds like fun. I would definitely be interested in reading a draft or the final copy. As far as stuff to not include, I would rather you didn't include any addresses or phone numbers. Not mine anyway. You can include everyone else's.   

       Also, I think the entire paper should be written in haiku, with every other line written from right to left, rather than left to right.
PotatoStew, Mar 09 2001

       after youve written the report,get people to annotate it
technobadger, Mar 09 2001

       Wes, the last but one line should be "Baked..." etc. The last line should, of course, be "[marked for youknowwhat]".
DrBob, Mar 09 2001

       Actually, it's for an English Comp class, so spelling, grammatical, etc. errors are rather frowned upon.
nick_n_uit, Mar 10 2001

       I'd like you to include a page of text which when viewed up close appears normal, but as you get further away from it turns out to be a cunningly disguised portrait of home economics prodigy, Jamie Oliver.   

mark_t, Mar 12 2001

       And you should call it "How I Set Myself Up To Be Made Fun of By A Bunch of People I've Never Met."
sirrobin, Mar 12 2001

       I think he should call it "See, I do have friends".... or "I don't do bars...where else can I hang out?"
Susen, Mar 12 2001

       [centauri]: My english class gets to read it, I'd have to email drafts (the final version will be at least 8 pages long, and I doubt jutta will appreciate me annotating it in its entirety.) And yes, I would like to do some interviews via AIM.
[jutta]: could I trouble you to put something abt. this in the "What's New" area?
nick_n_uit, Mar 18 2001

       What's AIM ?
jutta, Mar 18 2001

       jutta: what I'm asking for is any requests on things the HalfBakers do and don't want me to put in my report, and I'm also hoping to get a few interviews. AIM is shorthand for America OnLine Instant Messenger, one of several real-time chatting programs, and the only one I'm really familiar with (besides ICQ, which I don't use because no one else does.)
nick_n_uit, Mar 18 2001

       Nah, you've already got all the attention for that "tell me what you don't and do want included" request you're going to get. Just write the report. To get interviews, send requests directly to users who have e-mail addresses (or web addresses that lead you to some sort of e-mail address) in their profiles.   

       I'm not sure limiting your sample to AOL and AOL product users is a good idea; maybe an e-mailed questionnaire would be more inclusive.
jutta, Mar 18 2001

       Good idea, jutta. Thanks.
nick_n_uit, Mar 19 2001

       4/1 The first draft is finally completed! It looks like the best method we can come up with for distributing it is for those who want it to request it via annotation. Also, tell me if you have MS Works v. 3.0 or 6.0. I can send it as an email or a .txt file, but it loses a lot of the formatting and stuff.
nick_n_uit, Apr 01 2001

       me, me, me!! @wiw.org, .txt please! :)
absterge, Apr 02 2001

       Why is a request in annotation better than a request by email? (and why no .html format?)   

       I would, however, like one; .txt by email, please.
hello_c, Apr 03 2001

       nick_n_uit....why not just send a copy in .txt to everyone who answered your questions and let everyone else request one?
Susen, Apr 04 2001

       Yes, .txt please! Or post it as html somewhere... that would work well. Otherwise, you should have my email, or you can find it again through my profile. Thank you!
PotatoStew, Apr 04 2001

       HTML and a link would likely be better, but I'd like a copy in text as well. Email is in my profile.
StarChaser, Apr 04 2001

       uhh, has *anybody* gotten en email yet? ?:(
absterge, Apr 05 2001

       No. I've seen nick_n_uit posting all over the place though, so I know he's around.
PotatoStew, Apr 05 2001

       He sent me a copy in response to an emailed request.
beauxeault, Apr 05 2001

       Having just read the report....can I express my sadness and disbelief that Jutta is the only woman mentioned? From the report, I would be under the impression that ALL members of this community are male and have a career which has something to do with science or computers or both. Now, I'm not mad about my exclusion per se....but surely some of the other respondents to the survey were also female....yes?????
Susen, Apr 10 2001

       Actually, we all are... we're just pretending to be male.
PotatoStew, Apr 10 2001

       4/18 Apologies, all, for my taciturnity of late, which I see has not gone unnoticed. I've been having network problems for roughly 2 weeks, now. Something with the Thurman unit, I guess. Anyhow, after calling tech support and getting nowhere, my roommate fixed it my hitting the refresh button a dozen times.
hello_c: requests via annotation and email are both okay. I just don't want someone requesting my paper as an annotation to ANOTHER idea, in which case I'll likely never see it.
Susen: I've been meaning to send copies back to everyone who returned the questionaire, but aforementioned network problems, combined with the ominous and very preoccupying approach of finals, have delayed me. Also, I only detailed the male members of the halfbakery because they were the only ones (other than jutta) who responded to my questionaire, and also because I used this idea's annotations as a mailing list. With roughly 3000 members (thanks for the stats, jutta!), it's hard to get everyone. If you did send me back a response, I didn't get it. Try using the address listed in my profile, nick_n_uit@hotmail.com
absterge: yes, I have already sent out a few. Too few, I'm afraid. But, I'll fix that soon.
nick_n_uit, Apr 18 2001

       4/19 absterge: checked out your copy of the report. excellent. I've updates my draft to the final version last night. Would you like it?   

       Well, today's the day I turn in my final report, along with everything else I did this semester. Wish me luck.
nick_n_uit, Apr 19 2001

       Well, so . . . what grade did you receive on the report? Enquiring minds want to know.

Sorry to have missed out on all the fun--I've been away.
bristolz, Apr 20 2001

       jah. email the finished draft and I'll see if I can't update the one online early next week. :)
absterge, Apr 20 2001

       4/28 The paper is now completed, graded, and everything. Finally. Well, my teacher really liked the paper and I got an A for the class, so all in all not bad. I'm done with it myself, but anyone else who wants to muck with it is welcome. "A paper is never actually completed, it is just due."
nick_n_uit, Apr 28 2001

       [nick_n_uit]: I'm a new-ish B/2-er, and have just seen this idea, but -
1. Well done.
2. I'd like to see it, please.
angel, Apr 29 2001


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