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Halfbakery Prior Art Placeholder

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Want to steal someone's idea that you really wish you'd though of ?

Simple. Right now, create an idea called, for example, "Prior art placeholder". Put some bland, uninteresting filler text in the idea body (just cut and paste it from one of [beany]'s ramblings).

When an idea is posted that you wish you'd thought of, perhaps years later, simply edit your "placeholder" idea to closely resemble it, delete any inappropriate annotations, then link across from the "new" idea claiming "Prior Art !" in an offended tone and marking it for deletion.

The date of your idea will automatically pre-date the "new" version (since origination dates don't change even if the idea is massively edited), thus the unfortunate author will be pilloried for, at worst, failing to search, and at best blatant plagiarism.

Of course, this idea is dishonest, petty, unworthy, and totally contrary to the spirit and ethos of the HB.

We're amazed it hasn't been thought of before ...

8th of 7, Jan 30 2018

Prior Art! _93Original_94_20Idea_20Placeholder
Ok, so that was predictable... [RayfordSteele, Jan 30 2018]

Doctorremulac3, inventor of the iPhone. iPhone
Which can also be worn as a hat. [doctorremulac3, Jan 30 2018]

Prior art. Halfbakery_20Prior_20Art_20_20Placeholder
[MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 30 2018]

How to do it proper Chimp_20Orchestra
[doctorremulac3, Jan 30 2018]

What [doctorremulac3]'s iPhone idea used to be https://wayback.arc...deflecting_20hat_2e
Took some digging. Edited between 2013-01-05 and 2013-03-11 [notexactly, Feb 03 2018]

Prior art (in the case Scott Prior, of Massachusetts) http://www.scottpriorart.com/paintings/
Many a bare, nekkid ladies - if you're into that kind of thing. [not_morrison_rm, Feb 03 2018]


       Just gimme the cache and no one gets hurt.   

       But we did think of it before. See link...
RayfordSteele, Jan 30 2018

       Baked. (see link)
doctorremulac3, Jan 30 2018

       Oi! <link>
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 30 2018

       One wonders what the internet archive would have to say. Choosing an idea just shortly before the one in question seems like the cleverest solution, to avoid the archive spool.
RayfordSteele, Jan 30 2018

       Sorry, Max, your category is showing.
RayfordSteele, Jan 30 2018

       Max, you forgot to add the: "Plus, you can sing this idea as a song." (see link)
doctorremulac3, Jan 30 2018

       //Put some bland, uninteresting filler text in the idea body   

       I wondered about the logic underlying all of your posts....
AusCan531, Jan 31 2018

       Even with the web archive, how can you tell what the original idea was since the URL of the idea changes when the title is changed?
scad mientist, Feb 03 2018

       Look through the user's archived profile for an idea with a matching date that is no longer available on the live site.   

       In more detail: Do a binary search through the history of their profile for when the idea's new title appeared, and then diff that revision against the previous one to find out what it used to be. Then go to the archived copy of the idea (under its old title) (for which you may have to go to an even earlier archived revision) and check that the post date, annos, links, etc. match.   

       Proof of concept: [link]
notexactly, Feb 03 2018

blissmiss, Feb 03 2018

blissmiss, Feb 03 2018

blissmiss, Feb 03 2018

blissmiss, Feb 03 2018

blissmiss, Feb 03 2018

blissmiss, Feb 03 2018

blissmiss, Feb 03 2018

blissmiss, Feb 03 2018

       Curses! My plan to get big iPhone money thwarted!   

       Kind of liked the original idea. Think I'll re-post it.
doctorremulac3, Feb 03 2018

       // Hogwash //   

       Eight lots of hogwash.   

       So, you either have eight farly clean hogs, or a smaller number of much cleaner hogs, or just one squeaky-clean* hog ...   

       *Any mention of Deliverance in this context will be severely dealt with.
8th of 7, Feb 03 2018

       That's a lot of hogs to wash. Someone's going to be busy.
xenzag, Feb 03 2018


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