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Halfbakery Science Q&A

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It seems that we have plenty of experts here, in various fields ranging from math to physics to improvisational humor. I'm sure that I'm not alone in having a bunch of questions that I would like answered, and it might as well be here, or on a site affiliated with the 'bakery. People here are usually glad to run some equations in the idea discussions, so I don't think it would be too much to ask for them to alleviate someone's nagging curiosity. Here's some sample questions (feel free to answer them).

Could you bounce a basketball on the surface of a non- newtonian fluid?

Can ATP (adenosine triphosphate) be metabolized through direct consumption and digestion?

How high would you have to toss something in a windless environment for its path to bend because of the Earth's rotation? Is that even good science?

DrWorm, Dec 11 2009

Oral ATP http://ovidsp.tx.ov...5a4577bdbaf61a4b792
[bungston, Dec 11 2009]

vark.com: ask http://vark.com/ask
Ask people who have signed up for this kind of thing the kind of thing they've signed up for. [jutta, Dec 11 2009]

ATP http://wardsci.com/...02&mr:referralID=NA
$28 / gram. Not too bad. [bungston, Dec 11 2009]

Not sure "toss" is the right word... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_Gun
[8th] probably has a better link [lurch, Dec 12 2009]

Strudel Search? Strudel_20Search
[Dub, Dec 13 2009]

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don't know
xandram, Dec 11 2009

       Isn't this what we already do? If an answer isn't easily searchable foks here seem more than willing to share their knowledge.
I think I may have learned more from associating with halfbakers than I did in school.

       I'm pretty sure that the answer to question one is yes.
Number two is something I've never heard of, and I think that number three is a trick question. It's path is already bent by the Earths rotation the instant it leaves your hand, it just looks like it goes straight up and down.

       <heads off to look up adenine triphosphate>   

       <sp>Adenosine Triphosphate</sp> Actually I was under the impression that ATP can not be metabolised directly, but rather would be digested as anything else. Haven't there been one or two ideas along the lines of ATP energy drinks around here before?
fridge duck, Dec 11 2009

       As much as I empathise with the premise of the idea, I'm inclined to say that this isn't what the Halfbakery is about.   

       Of course I, along with most HBers, am happy to help and discuss stuff or provide a bit of expertise, but this is a bit like the thread on a jumper. Start one set of questions and before you know it all youv'e got left is a collar and some sleeves.
Jinbish, Dec 11 2009

       Yes for #1. Cornstarch and water.
outloud, Dec 11 2009

       This is probably more an argument for us interacting elsewhere than actually doing it on here, since i agree this place isn't for that.
nineteenthly, Dec 11 2009

       The company I work for has been looking at attempting an ATP supplement. (Extracted from ants, no less...) Seems the major stumbling block right now is that the shelf life is a couple of hours.
lurch, Dec 11 2009

       Would freezing help?   

       Stop me if you've heard this:   

       How much does a litre of adenosine triphosphate cost?
nineteenthly, Dec 11 2009

       See link re ATP. It looks as though gut strips off phosphates and absorbs adenosine and phosphate seperately. These authors try to make an end run around this with uncertain result.   

       Is Silly Putty a nonNewtonian fluid? If so then re ball: yes.
bungston, Dec 11 2009

       Yes it is. I think that in everyday experience, quite possibly Newtonian fluids are the exception rather than the rule. Water and presumably milk are, but concrete, toothpaste and various other things aren't.
nineteenthly, Dec 11 2009

       // for its path to bend because of the Earth's rotation? Is that even good science? //   

       Since Spacetime is already "bent" by interacting gravitational field, the question is essentially relativistic, and dependent on the velocity of the ball.   

       The question is probably philosophical rather than scientific.
8th of 7, Dec 11 2009

       I am sure the good Dr Worm wants to be able to walk to a given longitude then hurl a cannonball straight up and count on the turning of the earth to bring it down on target. Who wouldn't want that? I thought fondly about such a function in the proposed Google Earth Artillery game where one could use rotational effects of the earth to help place the payload.
bungston, Dec 11 2009

       //Stop me if you've heard this:
How much does a litre of adenosine triphosphate cost?//

       I don't know, how much does a litre of adenosine triphosphate cost?
Jinbish, Dec 11 2009

       ATP and ADP are very expensive.Since the phosphorylation cycle is so short and since ATP is simply the energy carrier I'm not clear how having more would provide anything more than a very brief, very localized, increase in available biochemical energy. The concentration of ATP/ADP is closely regulated by the body. Excess ADP is destroyed. If you would like to know more WIKI "phosphorylation".
WcW, Dec 11 2009

       Hmmm. Not quite what I was expecting...
Jinbish, Dec 11 2009

       Yep!, as a punchline it lacks both payoff and punch.
Oh!, and its more than one line!.
gnomethang, Dec 12 2009

       Maybe that's why I did Electronics, rather than Chemistry: more spark.
Jinbish, Dec 12 2009

       // I don't know, how much does a litre of adenosine triphosphate cost? //   

       Eighty p. Boom! Boom!   

       (Obviously this is not literally true.)
nineteenthly, Dec 12 2009

       //How high...? // zero; that's one of those "which side would they bury the survivors on" questions: the moment you let go, the Earth's rotation stops becoming a factor.
FlyingToaster, Dec 12 2009

       [marked-for-deletion] not really an idea
hippo, Dec 12 2009

       The German "Paris Gun" of World War 1 required Coriolis effect calculations as part of its aiming. See link.
lurch, Dec 12 2009

       //[marked for deletion] not really an idea — hippo, Dec 12 2009//   

       Yeah, but this is the HB category, where we can relax a bit with the MFD criteria.   

       And I'd really like to know what anyone thinks about triggering volcanic eruptions to spew sulfur into the stratosphere to cool the earth for years at a time, like was reported today on NPR as the cause for the decade of cooling in about 1810 to 1820. It's one of those "does the effort to get the sulfur into the atmosphere create more CO2 than the sulfur will balance out" kind of questions; way beyond my ability to even half-assed BS about, but surely could spawn some good thought on the subject around here.   

       I'd love to query Struudle Search(see links) and watch as the results page is more of a long winded discussion among half-bakers, complete with bickering and name calling, than a list of vaguely related websites that do just as poor a job of answering the actual question.   

       I mean, come on, I'm dead serious here, I officially volunteer to watch streams of queries on occasion if I feel like it, and pitch in my almost universally unhelpful 2 cents if I feel so inclined. If we could line up about 1000 or so other equally strong commitments to the project, we might be half way to somewhere.   

       Oh yeah: +
oxen crossing, Dec 13 2009

       ... so you'd like to tag along while some other people try to solve some complicated problems?
WcW, Dec 13 2009

       If he/she doesn't then I'm calling Dibs.   

       "How high would you have to toss something in a windless environment for its path to bend because of the Earth's rotation? Is that even good science?"   

       Ahem.... perhaps the halfbakery is not the most suitable "environment" for such inquiry?
outloud, Dec 13 2009

       Better here than a battlefield.
lurch, Dec 13 2009

       I agree this isn't what the HB is for. On the other hand, it would be fun, and not particularly intrusive if it were kept to a single "idea" (I mean, if the entire Q&A were kept as a single "idea", rather than proliferating into multiple pages). On the other hand, I don't know what's involved in running this place and I don't have to put the work in.   

       Woops. Too many hands.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 13 2009

       [-] I've had to do my own research on all (or at least almost all) my posts, including quite a bit of dusting-off of <cough> decades-ago highschool science.   

       The only way I can see this working is for HB-specific items/processes:   

       "Recipe for Non-Newtonian Custard"
"How many people can you fit into a standard-sized rail-container?"

       etc., it would simply be an extension of the FAQ's.   

       Meanwhile "Google Answer Wiki" or whateverses are soooooooooo baked   

       [marked-for-deletion] very widely known to exist.
FlyingToaster, Dec 13 2009


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