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Strudel Search

Take on Google at its own game.
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I'm always impressed with halfbakers ability to locate a product / idea / images / ANYTHING in fact which is put forwards here.

I'm suggesting that a small and simple and friendly Google-like front-end is grafted on to the very crust of HB, and we present ourselves to the rest of the planet as Strudel (or Struudel) Search.

Luckily, there are enough Bakers on the planet to guarantee 24/7 coverage, though it might take us a while to be as quick as Google.... That said, we have the advantage that our near-human interface is not only user friendly, it's also one of the most powerful on the planet.

Does Google regularly invite people to the local pub? - I don't think so!

And what's even more brilliant... if someone's looking for something that doesn't exit... Instead of some cruddy "Sorry, we couldn't find that" excuses, Strudel can invent it, and return the user to the normal HB page!

Who knows, perhaps one day, we'll even become a verb.

Dub, Aug 27 2005

How Google does it! http://www.google.c...ogy/pigeonrank.html
This is a real link on Google! - This is how the blighters are doing it! We must be in a position to compete! [Dub, Sep 05 2005]

Strudel Search Logo http://googlefont.com/?q=Strudel+Search
(Looks like the other site's gawn :( ) [Dub, Dec 13 2009]


       Just Strudle it!   

       I think about the possibility of this each time I've posted an idea. Just before posting, I try to search if anything has been done similar to this- BUT, each time I've posted, alas! Someone always trudges up some hidden web page from some foreign country!! This would be good- help to sift through the repeats.   

       One question- why Strudel of all things? I like croissant... Just Croissant it? Or were you going for alliteration?
chocolateraindrops, Aug 27 2005

       The potential for "Struuuudel" to be used when multiple results are found... As well as the clear bakery association.
Dub, Aug 27 2005

       Definitely! +
sleeka, Aug 27 2005

       Oooh, I get it!!!   

       Yeah- I got the bakery association, but just didn't click on to the goooogle, struuuudle thing. :-)
chocolateraindrops, Aug 27 2005

       Thanks for the support guys. I thought you would appreciate it! I've not been around for very long either... But seeing how quickly and accurately the others get through things, it had to be done! I'll reserve judgement till some masterbakers tune-in too.   

       [sleeka].. Nice style, absorb... There's lots to learn... but do suggest something - even if it get's blown out of the water, you'll learn stuff. Good place to start is a the help page someone submitted last week - very handy! - Do search the HB first, and don't worry if someone does (apparently) flame you... They're very friendly when you get to know them... and the best way to learn is from someone elses mistakes, and then the next best way is from your own! Dive in when you're ready!
Dub, Aug 27 2005

       Nice concept with the logo, but erm.......not too sure on the user appeal.   

       //masterbakers// I agree
chocolateraindrops, Aug 27 2005

       Well, I guess there's newbies that fight all the conventions and there's newbies that suck up to what is now becoming a regular used phrase /masterbaker\ and then there's newbies that just shut up and post good ideas.   

       Idea get's a bun though.
zeno, Aug 28 2005

       I thought 'masterbakers' was a misspelling of autoeroticism.
TheBearMadeMeDoIt, Aug 28 2005

       [TheBearMadeMeDoIt]That was one of the levels of allegory...five more to find (maybe more?)
Dub, Aug 28 2005

       + An interesting concept.
blissmiss, Aug 28 2005

       'Strudel' is the word for the '@' symbol in some places. Here in England we use the word 'at', but that's what I thought of at first when hearing the title. Maybe the 'No Results' page should say something like 'Congratulations - not baked yet!'. Nice idea.
dbmag9, Aug 30 2005

       [dub] betta move to england.
po, Aug 30 2005

DesertFox, Aug 31 2005

       So anyone can try a search, and about 5 a day will get results, if any halfbakers feel like giving them, at some point. You better have an intriguing query, or you'll be ignored. And wouldn't you be bored. Strange brew, kill what's inside of...   

       Sorry. Just started singing. Anyway, nice. [+]   

       But I don't think the name is quite right yet. Maaaaaybe halfSearch.
oxen crossing, Sep 01 2005

       [oxen crossing] I tend to direct my queries at different search engines... Google tends to be great for most things, but occasionally the others have different results. Have you noticed how Google News reports about Google-news, compared to (say) BBC and Yahoo? It's quite interesting to Dog-pile some piece of news sometimes to get other perspectives...   

       Boring searches:treated just like mfd ones. User response would be "Strudel can't be bothered to answer this query. Try [link dog-pile]."
Dub, Sep 01 2005

       Google has something like this (google answers), so I don't see why it couldn't work.   

       //More than 500 carefully screened Researchers are ready to answer your question for as little as $2.50 -- usually within 24 hours. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed.//   

       Strudel would be similar, but wouldn't cost 2.50,the researchers aren't carefully screened and the satisfaction obviously wouldn't be guaranteed.
RobertKidney, Sep 01 2005

       [RobertKidney] That's the idea :) ...   

       Disclaimer: Users of this service can expect abuse and derision in their responses (And there's no refund if there's none).
Dub, Sep 01 2005


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