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Halfbakery Suggestion ->Profile Annotation

Being able to annotate user profiles in the halfbakery
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Have you ever though that somebody has been doing a rather good job in the bakery in general? Or have you read a profile that was especially worthy of comment? I'd like to be able to write next to (or under) profiles!
dontthink, May 07 2000

Voting Feature Suggestion Thinger http://www.halfbake...or_201_2f2_20bakery
er.. redundancy=bad [dontthink, May 07 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I was hoping people who like to get comments would simply put their email addresses or URLs into their profiles and let others send them plain old email.   

       There's a fine line between the mechanism you request and either a popularity contest or a general-purpose messaging system. I don't want to host either of those.   

       However, if the need turns out to be big enough, and in particular if off-topic conversations keep aggregating next to ideas, that may be the best way to answer a demonstrated need.
jutta, May 07 2000

       I understand completely.... I think. It might just be me, but I've never seen anybody get all worked up over a virtual popularity contest. :-)   

       You know, jutta, it's benevolent dictators like you that make this world a better place.
dontthink, May 08 2000

       I vote for voting!
NOFX, May 10 2000

       Off topic: That thing is a croissant? I thought it was some sort of stuffed meat or vegetable thing. It appeared to have too much texture to be just flakey pastry.
dontthink, May 10 2000

       Nope, is a croissant. They tend to be layered and often have empty space inside...   

       I like the 0-2.5 croissant idea...
StarChaser, May 11 2000

       I see that NOW. (I have eaten more than my fair share of croissants.) It's just that I initially thought it had too much texture to just be layers. Maybe you should have READ my post, Chaser. Oh well. :-)
dontthink, May 11 2000

       <thpth...grin> I did, I was just confirming that it was a croissant, and explaining a bit to keep it from being a 1 line reply.   

       Besides, I think it looks like someone ate part out of the middle, as MY croissants never have that much open space...
StarChaser, May 11 2000

       Maybe it's a half croissant because it's a half bakery. <gin>
dontthink, May 12 2000

       Don't get <gin> from a bakery, dude...<grin>   

       It is a croissant cut in half, but it also has a lot of open space inside the remaining half, such that it looks like there's less than half left because someone ate part of it...
StarChaser, May 12 2000

       Some of the croissant missing? Maybe there are mice in the HalfBakery. Someone should invent a better mousetrap.
hippo, May 12 2000

       Well, could we at least have the profile pages list the comments and links that people have added to halfbakery? I know you're currently doing things with flat files and C, so it could be hard -- it would be much easier with a database.
aswartz, Jun 14 2000

       The reason I do not list links and annotations is that I don't think annotations and links are all that worthwhile or important, compared to the ideas themselves. There is no technical problem.
jutta, Jun 14 2000, last modified Jul 09 2000

       With all due respect, jutta, it appears that many disagree with you.   

       I'm not sure what your reservations are to letting people communicate as much as they care to.   

       Could you explain this reasoning? I'm serious. Thanks in advance.
Thing 1, Sep 02 2000

       I wouldn't say 'many'...I like it like it is, and don't think it's necessary to put a million statistics on everything...
StarChaser, Sep 02 2000

       I won't presume to speak for jutta, but I think the intention of this site is to exchange and comment on ideas. The annotation and discussion on who is doing a good job or not, is more along the lines of some sort of 'socializing' discussion database. And although I do think of this site and the people who post here as a "community", I would like to see the site stay as true to this ideal as it can.   

       I like the term "popularity contest" to describe what would happen if this feature were enabled. I also agree that this would be a bad thing.
blahginger, Sep 02 2000

       the most appropriate and obvious thing to do is to simply create a new idea category called "user" for each of us to enter our login name as an idea. then people can annotate and link each other. viola.   

       jutta, a year ago you said: "The reason I do not list links and annotations [on the user pages of people which have entered Ls&As] is that I don't think annotations and links are all that worthwhile or important, compared to the ideas themselves. There is no technical problem."   

       if it is no technical problem, i for one would use that feature often.
gnormal, Feb 15 2001

       Wait a minute, there's two different suggestions here.   

       The little annotations/messaging-to-user thing -- please, get email accounts, publish the address, save me the work. There's no need to do this within the halfbakery.   

       There are lots of things that I could do technically and don't, because I don't like the resulting user interface. LIsting all a user's annotations and links on their per-user page is such a case; that's why it hasn't happened. If you want to see all the things you've annotated and added links to, do a vanity search for your name. (If that doesn't do what you want, explain more about what you want; it'll serve as input to "the log", the big user-configurable display. That still isn't in sight, either, but at least it's complicated enough to justify taking a long time for it.)
jutta, Feb 17 2001

       I don't want ppl to know my E-mail address and I think the annotations and links list is a bit stupid but I don't think the annotations of profiles are a bad idea but I think the sites great so I don't care weather it is not changned (I would NOT like to see the list for annotations and links). intially I though the profile voteing might be kool but I agree with jutta it would create a popularity contest so i don't want to see that.
GreeboMaster, Sep 16 2001

       <//things to do when bored//> I just did a vanity search on my name....never did that before....yee-haw! 360 hits :-) <//things to do when bored//>
Susen, Sep 16 2001

       <//putting it into perspective//> uh...PeterSealy = 2555 hits....and that doesn't count all the times he's called Peter or PS <//putting it into perspective//>
Susen, Sep 16 2001

       Yup! Thought of already.   

       You can always delete annos you don't like. So no harm. And its a way to communicate between the writers. Or maybe there's a better suggestion?
pashute, Jun 26 2013


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