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 (+3, -4)  Halfbakery Entrance Test 
 (+9, -4)  Halfbakery Suggestion ->Profile Annotation 
 (+3, -1)  Halfbakery Undelete 
 (+6)  HB explanatory card 
 (+12, -14)  List of Half-Bakers and Their Ideas 
 (-4)  Member Since ... 
 (-1)  Missing HB Ideas 
 (+16)(+16)  Musical Passwords 
 (-1)  password update 
   Personalized Favorites list 
   Possible Data Breach 
 (+1)  Public truth, no take backs 
 (+1, -4)  Sarcasm test earns annotation privileges 
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 (+4, -3)  You can't take it with you 


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