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Halfbakery comic strip

Take the ideas here and make cartoon out of them
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I think this is a good and feasible way to introduce the public of what is going on here. (Maybe sponsorship will follow)

Hires some cartoonist and ask them to draw cartoons base on ideas here. Publish these cartoons to newpaper's comic section under the title "Halfbakery".

I think ideas like "dial-a-smite" or "personal rain deflective shield" make very funny cartoon.

bing, Mar 21 2002

Halfbakery Book http://www.halfbake...2f2_20bakery_20book
Same idea. Slightly different format. [DrBob, Mar 21 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Follow Bristolz's link http://www.halfbake...ust_20Reversers_202
[mighty_cheese, Mar 22 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

cones this way http://www.halfbake...king_20Road_20Cones
st3f's prototype is the third link down [RobertKidney, Mar 22 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) carry me home http://www.graphest...ery/hb/carryme.html
and some other ideas by hob... [RobertKidney, Mar 22 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) supersonic penguins http://frogshop.hyp...ofter/spoofter.html
just reminded me of this one [po, Mar 22 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       This is not a public place, what gave you that idea?
po, Mar 21 2002

       I really just want more people to take interest to this site which I think is great.   

       I think comic strip by-pass the IP property issue since the comic creator will be allow artistic freedom in creating his/her illustration. Therefore copyright belong to the artist or this site not the original creater of idea that inspired the cartoon. I don't think there is a law that protect pure ideas, patent or copyright law should not apply here. I never heard cartoonist need to pay anyone whom their idea is based on. I will be satisfied if they just make reference to my post in the cartoon.   

       It is also more viable more than the book due to the fact it is economical, you get pay if the cartoon just appear on the newspaper where book cost money to be published and distributed before there is any hope of gaining money from it. Plus, people get to read it everyday.   

       I am not arguing against the book, I just think there are other way of doing things.
bing, Mar 21 2002

       Same here. We get enough trolls and idiots as it is...
StarChaser, Mar 21 2002

       //I really just want more people to take interest to this site which I think is great.//

I empathise bing. I've tried to get some of my mates to take a look, but they just look at me like I'm deranged. The 'bakery is just one of those places that either pushes your buttons or leaves you cold.

Trolls and idiots come and go. Quality always endures.
DrBob, Mar 21 2002

       It coldly pushes my buttons . . .
bristolz, Mar 21 2002

       And I pry newbies cold, dead fingers off their keyboards.
bing - have you ever heard of a book called "Humo(u)r and Cartoon Market? It's updated annually. Cartoonists do pay suppliers of one-liners - 3 panels - ongoing stories - you name it, if the cartoonists ability is limited to drawing.
Don't peddle the 'wares that are not of your own 'creation' though. Bad Karma.
thumbwax, Mar 22 2002

       bliss - Thank you, Is there a link I can click to have the prize ship to my address? I will pay for the shipment, of course. (HAHA) I would draw if I can. But if I have skill and resources to realize all my ideas, I would not be here.   

       Being a newbie, I am strongly against the bias towards people who are not even here yet.   

       "Down with the establishment, let freedom reign."   

       Once I happen to become the establishment, I might change my tone.
bing, Mar 22 2002

       There are already some very talented cartoonists and artists on the halfbakery, and some of them have drawn their own or other people's ideas as struck their fancy.   

       If a halfbakery regular were to turn their own ideas or ideas from others who agree to donate them into a strip, that would be fine.   

       But paying someone who has no intrinsic interest in the site to draw it, in order to attract a wider audience that also isn't normally interested in the site, would definitely be trying too hard.
jutta, Mar 22 2002

       This is sort of baked by bristolz. See the link to "Car Thrust Reversers 2" and check out bristolz's excellent drawing.
mighty_cheese, Mar 22 2002

       Don't forget the flocking road cone... there are probably some more pictures lying around as well but I can't think of them...   

       Anyway - isn't the site itself the establishment?   

       Just remembered carrymehome.com... turns out there are ilustrations for some more of hobs ideas as well...
RobertKidney, Mar 22 2002

       [bing/UnaBubba] Power to the people(forever!).
thecat, Jun 16 2003


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