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Halfbakery flag

What should it be?
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I've been pondering the need for a halfbakery flag, to go with our halfbakery song and other official half-bakery representation. Ideas I've come up with so far:
1. An empty pole that we could salute to, just to make 'em wonder.
2. A fish/croissant symbol, like the yin/yang thing, sewn in the shape of a mobius strip.
3. A flag with the picture of a flagpole on it.
4. A paint-by number version of a 3-bar flag, unfinished.

Of course, one end of the flag would be self-igniting, while the other would be a 'slow-burning flag,' or perhaps fireproofed by dipping it in custard.

RayfordSteele, Feb 20 2002

representing... http://www.halfbake...lfbakery_20Homeland
[mihali, Feb 20 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(???) A possible alternative to item 2's yin-yang flag http://half_crazy.t...m/plush.htm#yinyang
It's not a mobius strip, but 'bakers can't be choosers. [half, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

FishbingCroissang http://www.cafepres.../opt_/fpt_/c_/hlv_t
On CafePress - available on shirts and the like. [shapu, Feb 16 2006]

Flag on the moon http://img212.image...moonflagcopyjo5.jpg
[theleopard, Sep 26 2007]


       The flag should have a picture of an entire croissant. Then rip the flag in half.
waugsqueke, Feb 20 2002

       I can feel myself flagging by the minute. Are we taking over the world or just going for self-government here.
po, Feb 20 2002

       Only to half-staff, though.
waugsqueke, Feb 20 2002

       and tied with a half-hitch
sappho, Feb 20 2002

       Outstanding idea [RayfordSteele]!
phoenix, Feb 20 2002

       I would prefer a Halfbakery Flagon, to toast the flag with.
pottedstu, Jul 04 2002

       White flag. Croissant in the middle. Slogan below: "Don't Bake On Me"
krelnik, Jan 24 2003

       lowered to half-staff today.
RayfordSteele, Feb 01 2003

       How bout the skull and fishbones? With a nice custard background.
rumbletumbler, Dec 09 2003

       The Jolly -halfbaking- Roger !
Letsbuildafort, Dec 10 2003

       Such as...?
k_sra, Dec 11 2003

       always flown at half mast?
etherman, Oct 12 2004

       i like the empty pole. Patriotic to pointlessness.
benfrost, Oct 12 2004

       Churn churn churn...   

       If there is a slogan, it should be written in custard, on electronic fabric that uses galvanic skin responses to read the viewers mind, and then, with a sound effect from a film, produces a completely random slogan.   

       Maybe there should be more than one flag? But they should be all torn in half.
dbmag9, Jan 21 2006

       //Veni, Vidi, Lunati?// - "We came, we saw, we mooned them"?
wagster, Jan 21 2006

       The HB Croissant and Fishbone have been yinyanged before. See link.
shapu, Feb 16 2006

       I had the wrong date for 'Flag Day'- but let the HB flag fly everyday.
xandram, Feb 16 2006

       I think that the flag should be a granite statue of a flag pole, realistically painted to look like the genuine thing. The flag should be depicted 'at rest'. It will never, ever flutter no matter how stiff the breeze. This has two advantages:-

1) We don't actually have to have a design on the flag.
2) Passers-by will be forever wondering what the design on the flag is.
DrBob, Feb 16 2006

       How about a transparent flag? It could be microprismatic so that it shines a croissant rainbow when it rains.   

       Or a fresnel lens flag that occasionally burns distant objects as it flutters in the breeze.
marklar, Sep 26 2007

       It has a croissant in its design but you have to wear special glasses to see it. To everyone else it looks like a normal country flag.
phundug, Sep 26 2007

       The flag should be reinforced with concealed bimetallic strips, and mounted rigidly in such a way as to point upwind. With luck, temperature fluctuations would cause the flag to wave gently, but against rather than with the prevailing breeze.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 26 2007


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