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I'm 8th of 7

make smoke and start a fire
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I'm 8th of 7!
xenzag, Jun 18 2020

If [8th] were here... https://web.archive...com/fun/catrock.jpg
you would know it [lurch, Jun 18 2020]


       Everyone in Unison: Oh no you're not!
zen_tom, Jun 18 2020

       Spartacus Variation: I'm 8th of 7!
zen_tom, Jun 18 2020

       Where's the cat carcass? We need proof.
blissmiss, Jun 18 2020

       I'm 8th of 7 and so is my wife.
doctorremulac3, Jun 18 2020

       // I'm 8th of 7   

       I think you mean "We're 8th of 7".   

       Where could he be? I hope he's ok.
sninctown, Jun 19 2020

       I'm 8th of 7, and will have words with any who disagree!
21 Quest, Jun 19 2020

       He hasn't gone, he's just assimilating us. Starting with [xenzag] was a surprise, I must admit.
pertinax, Jun 19 2020

       he isn't gone, he's just having a hard time absorbing the fact that Seven of Nine came out
theircompetitor, Jun 19 2020

       [lurch's link] Now that's putting the cat out.
wjt, Jun 20 2020

       Is it accident that "assimilate" means "Ass, Imi late"?
4and20, Jun 21 2020

       ?? Has [8th] gone walkabout then?   

       Presumably it's just a small issue with the subspace comms system, I did tell him he needed a longer wire.
Skewed, Jun 23 2020

       Ok, then that makes sense. I shall delete my bear poking.
blissmiss, Jun 29 2020

       // I nuked the "Where's 8th" convo myself. I had some misgivings about it initially //   

       You may think you did. But of course, we have a backup ...   

       // Oh, you're no fun anymore! — kdf, Jun 29 2020 //   

       Try cynical, misanthropic gloating ... a very underrated entertainment ...
8th of 7, Jun 29 2020

       Really? I liked bigsleep. Very cool person.   

       Why would somebody delete their account? Doesn't cost anything.
doctorremulac3, Jun 29 2020

       His annotations show up in a search, but they're all invisible. Who's going to be [bigsleep] now?
xenzag, Jun 29 2020

       I'm pretty sleepy but I can't fill those shoes. I enjoyed his writing and comments a lot. This is weird. Maybe 8th and him are one and the same. One returns, one left. Oh shit, I don't know anymore.
blissmiss, Jun 29 2020

       Be free [bigsleep], be free. Now this is cause for celebration. A half-toast!
tatterdemalion, Jun 29 2020

       I'm very likely to blame for bigs. He probably got huffy when I wrote my last 'corona news' annotation, which was quite directed at him for going out of his way to be obtuse.
RayfordSteele, Jun 30 2020

       One never knows. I came *this* close to stepping in a non- recoverable password.
reensure, Jun 30 2020

       //I'm very likely to blame for bigs. He probably got huffy when I wrote my last 'corona news' annotation, which was quite directed at him for going out of his way to be obtuse.//   

       I thought it was me, for boning or naysaying - can't remember - his latest post, for some reason which made sense at the time.
FlyingToaster, Jun 30 2020

       I never did like Swiss cheese.   

       Either myself or kdf or the both of us, probably.   

       Bigs made a comment about taking the red pill amongst others, which I took poorly and gave him 9 points back.
RayfordSteele, Jun 30 2020

       //I thought it was me, for boning or nay saying// Who knows why any person deletes their account. Maybe he's made a love nest for himself and 8th and they're both happy spending their time making miniature idols of Trump out of clothes pegs.
xenzag, Jun 30 2020

       Ah, I got in touch with him, just a bit busy at the mo...
not_morrison_rm, Jun 30 2020

       ....so I was right!
xenzag, Jun 30 2020

       In the spirit of Windows which very occasionally has a feature which proves itself useful does the HB have a Recycle Bin? Such a feature might prove useful when a user deletes a large chunk of something integral and up to (insert time limit here) later wishes to resurrect same.
whatrock, Jun 30 2020

       Somehow it makes sense that notmo has his private contact info. Would their love nest even have time for bigs?
4and20, Jul 01 2020

       //Recycle Bin// The trouble with recycling is that, in general, the product that comes out at the end of the process is completely different from the materials fed in at the beginning, merely being comprised of the same substance.   

       So in that sense the HB could be considered to have a recycle system, in that when an idea is deleted, the magnetic particles on the server HDD are re-used for the next idea to be posted.   

       (Unless [Jutta] has configured the server to use each HDD in a "write once" configuration, with an auto-eject feature for full HDDs and a magazine of fresh HDDs to be auto-installed and configured.)
pocmloc, Jul 01 2020

       //private contact info//   

       8th's email is on his profile page.
DenholmRicshaw, Jul 01 2020

       8 (or his replicant) is alive! See his anno on my post about Bird Proof Squirrel Feeders.
doctorremulac3, Jul 01 2020

       That was me! Rem I'm 8th of 7 now.
xenzag, Jul 01 2020

       I've been in touch with him, or at least a backup Borg download of his drone's main traits.
RayfordSteele, Jul 01 2020

       Denholm, I never thought to look there. Figured that was waaay too easy. Hahaha   

       And xen, NO! because then we wouldn't have a xenzag and life would not be so...well soooo, so much fun.
blissmiss, Jul 01 2020

       Sorry, [8th], your credibility is now utterly shot. You run off and try to be dead again, nobody is going to believe you - even if you send your obituary yourself.   

       (Speaking of being dead: I'm currently resisting the temptation to see if any persons of note or influence have turned up perfectly explicably dead in a manner that has absolutely no traceable link to persons or groups who might have benefited from said demise, within a certain defined time period. Resisting... resisting...   

       <edit>Ah, I see. Bravo Zulu.
lurch, Jul 02 2020

       // Where did he keep it //   

       We consider that your upturned skull, stripped of flesh and emptied out, would be a suitable receptacle. Perhaps a little Latinum tripod for it to rest on would be a tasteful and appropriate accessory.   

       // cats' litter box //   

       We never litter; we are scrupulously careful to destroy any evidence of our interaction with cats, typically by high-temperature incineration. Leaving bits of ex-cat lying around can attract unwanted attention and awkward questions.
8th of 7, Jul 03 2020

       Yay...8th is back to being a mean, grouchy, cat- dispising cutie. Yay.
blissmiss, Jul 03 2020

       I'll take a hard pass on agreeing with the cutie part, but I'll second the rest of that.
doctorremulac3, Jul 03 2020

       Now that 8th has been successfully smoked out of his secret hovel back into the open air, I can confirm that I'm no longer him. We now face the hideous task of fumigating his bone strewn lair prior to blocking it up to ensure he doesn't simply scurry back in there. I'm going to suggest the placing of a tag, along with some kind of clamp on 8th to both record and restrict his future movements to a small grazing radius. Tethered along a tidal edge would be suitable, as the sea will wash him twice a day and the seaweed satisfy his nourishment needs. Monthly scraping off his barnacles will be reserved as a punishment for any other hb miscreants.
xenzag, Jul 04 2020

       You should be writing sci-fi for a living, xen dear friend. That paragraph reads better than most the pooey out there.
blissmiss, Jul 04 2020

       //Leaving bits of ex-cat lying around can attract unwanted attention and awkward questions.//   

       Congratulations on not being dead.
Loris, Jul 05 2020

xandram, Jul 06 2020

       Now that 8th has joyously emerged out into the open air again, perhaps we may look forward to hearing the exciting details of his time as a troglodyte? I can now reveal that it was the sending of multiple litters of crying hungry kittens in the manner of terrier dogs into his numerous burrows that finally chased him out. Tell all 8th!
xenzag, Jul 11 2020

       Ah yes, the kittens. Let joy be unconfined; our iron mallets never had even a moment to cool down.   

       Somewhat messy, but deeply satisfactory.
8th of 7, Jul 11 2020

       I'll admit that without deep shadows, the site seemed at first glance to loose some of its depth. But having recently spent days with some beautiful new kittens, it's still amazing and disturbing how 8th's sort of virulence instead of a slow and messy advancement out of the mire can seem like a return to normalcy in some minds. As the late Mr. Buchanan said about cancer, the bar gets set pretty low.
4and20, Jul 11 2020

       That's very true, but without 8th, the hb would be a lesser place, which is why he had to be smoked out of his tunnel network. He's actually as harmless as a bed sheet on a clothes-line on a windy day. ie it makes a lot of noise and scares the birds, but they can still shite all over it and have the last laugh.
xenzag, Jul 11 2020

       Nice comparison, I think he is secretly the crazy cat man of his neighborhood. And the days of Max and 8th exchanging their perspectives were what kept this place pretty much active at all on some days in the past.
blissmiss, Jul 11 2020

       <Stares mournfully into distance/>   

       // makes a lot of noise and scares the birds //   

       Thanks to us, at least there are some garden birds to scare - they haven't been gratuitously slaughtered by evil insanitary pox-ridden fleabag cats, prowling into other people's property, spreading parasites, disease pathogens, and lumps of nauseating excrement.
8th of 7, Jul 12 2020

       Ha - it worked! He's out and about again in the full light of day, and now insulting my bird eating next door neighbour's habits. //and lumps of nauseating excrement// - try adding some ketchup if you find it that nauseating!
xenzag, Jul 12 2020


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