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Batting average

Display idea track records
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I was reading a comment from this halfbaker, and thinking - my how annoying! What a pompous toad! What ideas has _this_ person created? I was stunned to find an enormous assortment of ideas, almost all with at least 1 and many with 2 croissants. Either this person tends to delete unfavorably received ideas, or is amazingly skilled in the halfbaking arts.

Who knew? I propose a list where the batting average be posted next to a list of active bakers. This number would not, of course, reflect volume, as a baker with one idea rated 2 croissants would likely get an average as good as the above described master baker. Perhaps there is some way to figure that in.

bungston, Dec 16 2002

Useless 1/2B Statistics Crawler http://www.halfbake...tatistics_20Crawler
By UnaBubba [my face your, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Voting Statistics http://www.halfbake...Voting_20Statistics
By dare99. [my face your, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Bungston Batting Average http://www.halfbake...i=:t=BUNGCO_20ideas
[hidden truths, Sep 28 2005]

Hey, what about this one? Halfbakery_20Metric_20System
[normzone, Mar 10 2006]


       108 at-bats
706 (in)edibles. - 247+ 459.
.650 % Slugging Percentage
1.963 Earned Bun Average
thumbwax, Dec 16 2002

       It only takes a click to look at an annotator's account. And it hardly takes a lot of effort to figure out those of us who are pompous toads, frogs or wallabies. So, I'm afraid, I think I have to take your batting average down even more.   

       P.S. Half-Baked - suggested almost as often as dating the links.
DrCurry, Dec 16 2002

       Of course, some eejits delete themselves and then return with a zero batting average, buggering up this sytem entirely.   

       [I wonder if there might be a correlation between how much American sport people watch and how much they wish statistics to permeate their everyday lives.]
my face your, Dec 17 2002

       [my face your] : 63% of the US football fans live their lives by stats and of HBers that have previously had the name [calum], 100% are FOOLS!   

       [Wee Mad Arthur]: Shush. ;-)   

       [bungston]: I've always been curious as to what, in effect, are certain bakers 'credentials'. But came to the conclusion that it just doesn't matter (even if it were feasible to do). Just because someone has a list of previously popular ideas doesn't mean you are being criticised fairly nor does a baker with a pile of crap to his name deserve to be dismissed.   

       If anything is said that you don't agree with then feel free to argue your point until you are blue in the face - but ultimately it should be water of a ducks back.
Jinbish, Dec 17 2002

       Although I mostly agree with what [Jinbish] wrote, this is entirely doable. I've linked what should be [bungston]'s batting average, so to speak.
hidden truths, Sep 28 2005


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