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Halfbakery keywords

List of keywords in addition to halfbakery category + search
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Halfbakery ideas should have keywords (1st keyword is the current category) similar to patents. In fact maybe the best would be two keyword lists:
one which only the idea writer and moderators can edit IDEA KEYWORDS, one for the public: HB KEYWORDS.

The second list would give the HBers a great pastime, on what to argue over. Maybe a rule is needed that the anno on keywords should never exceed the annos on the idea, and HBers would try to heed to that rule.

There would be two types of keywords:
HALFBAKERY KEYWORDs - which are publicly seen (i.e. in the search form) and publicly suggested and approved (thru votes) keywords,
vs SPONTANEOUS KEYWORDs, which are any keyword the user chooses to write. If someone happens to search for this, they'll find it.

pashute, Oct 31 2008

Halfbakery Search:keyword http://www.halfbake...ssion=keyword&ok=OK
How is your idea not this? [zen_tom, Nov 03 2008]

The difference between my idea and doing a search http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tag_cloud
is that with keywords supplied by the authors, you can make a tag cloud that covers more than one category. [pashute, Mar 22 2011]


       To what end?
phoenix, Oct 31 2008

       It ain't broke.
wagster, Nov 02 2008

       sp: pastime
xandram, Nov 02 2008

       This idea is for us, when we wanna search something or find something that was already posted on the great and giant site, we (hbers) want to quickly see what has been posted with similar content. keywords would help better and faster understanding of what kind of idea this is, and finding the relevant ideas.   

       The keywords would also bring even more traffic to an hbdea when relevant to a google search.   

       - Thanks [xan]. Fixed.
pashute, Nov 03 2008

       What's the difference between a "keyword", and a regular word? 9 times out of 10, assigning a keyword is redundant because the word chosen to be a keyword is liable to appear somewhere in the idea text. By performing the search function (by keyword) the chances are that you'll return the list of ideas that contain similar themes...
zen_tom, Nov 03 2008

       ah, the voice of raisin.
po, Nov 03 2008

       Why devide the site into categories?
Answer: because it assists in creating order.

       But many times an idea is not fit for only one category. Hence keywords. If the HB would ask us to enter some keywords for each and every idea, it helps us define the idea.   

       When I wrote this, I did not know of HB Views. Now that I do, its even more important. The keywords help you focus on ideas close to what you are searching for, as opposed to the heap of info thrown on you when you search for words in any part of the text.
pashute, Nov 04 2008


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