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Halfbakery on Twitter

New ideas, in a twitter stream
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vincevincevince, Oct 02 2009

Twitterfeed http://twitterfeed.com/
Tool for putting your most recent Blog entries onto Twitter via RSS. [Jinbish, Oct 02 2009]

UnofficialHB https://twitter.com/UnofficialHB
I've tried out Twitterfeed - it should update every 30 minutes... I'm running away from the computer right now ; I'll check back in an hour. [Jinbish, Oct 02 2009]

TwitRobot http://www.twitrobot.com
I've signed up to TwitRobot too. Let's see if that does anything... [Jinbish, Oct 02 2009]

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       Does everything have to be Twitterized?
wagster, Oct 02 2009

       Fuck Twitter.   

       There, I said it.
theleopard, Oct 02 2009

       Yes it is. It's also on Facebook, sort of. Since Twitter is utterly imponderable, this makes hardly any difference to me at all.
nineteenthly, Oct 02 2009

       No; there is a bakesperson account, but it does not post the new ideas stream.
vincevincevince, Oct 02 2009

       I'm totally addicted but then the groups/people I follow are interesting...
po, Oct 02 2009

       [UB] ... don't like it, don't use it? Much like dentists... if you disagree with them, just don't go in.
vincevincevince, Oct 02 2009

       I'm trying to imagine a [Vernon] idea in 140 characters...   

       Why Twitter, [v3]? What would that achieve that either HB Low res version or RSS feeds do not?
Jinbish, Oct 02 2009

       [UB], you don't use texting? What do you do while driving, then?
theircompetitor, Oct 02 2009

       //[UB] ... don't like it, don't use it?//   

       RT # [UB]   

       Hah, 140 characters or less can be quite difficult for some peeps.
po, Oct 02 2009

       //Why Twitter, [v3]? What would that achieve that either HB Low res version or RSS feeds do not?// Twitter is now a popular news aggregating tool... provided the source provides a feed. Would just idea titles, names (if they fit), and links to the full idea. A way to follow all the new ideas whilst following Twitter
vincevincevince, Oct 02 2009

       Ok - so you suggest Twitter because it is becoming a popular site that some find useful etc. Fair enough.   

       You could do it yourself. Get an open source RSS feed reader and hack it to push new feed items onto a Twitter account.   

       {I'm tempted to give this a bash myself}   

       Edit: I've tried to create point Twitter to a HB RSS feed. It should update every 30 mins. Let's see if anything happens.
Jinbish, Oct 02 2009

       [about the "bakesperson" twitter account] // I don't believe it's an authorised feed or account   

       It's a feed I edit from recent posts, but it's not an automated feed in the style that Jinbish set up. It has no links to click on under the assumption that you already know where to find the site if you want it. I like editing, high content density, restraint, summaries, that kind of stuff.   

       There is a twitter user "halfbakery" that I and, as far as I know, this site, have absolutely nothing to do with, and that I see some halfbakers follow - I guess since that person never posts anything, they haven't noticed.
jutta, Oct 04 2009

       // It's a feed I edit from recent posts//
I was going to say - the automatic feeds that I have ham-fistedly put together are *rubbish*. Admittedly, there are probably better tools and there are definitely more savvy folk than me, but clearly the RSS can do you a good shift if you are prepared to use them.

       {Besides, if you were going to aggregate news etc., there are aggregator clients that take feeds from RSS, Twitter, and so on.)
Jinbish, Oct 04 2009

       Twitter is by far the best resource I have found for keeping up with the latest celebrity death hoaxes.
tatterdemalion, Oct 04 2009

       Michael who?
pocmloc, Oct 04 2009

       Twitter makes my brain die. It makes zero sense to me, as i've said before (sorry to bore you).

But the existence of a Twitter member called "halfbakery" makes my mind boggle because if they ever looked at their account there, wouldn't they wonder what the hell was going on?
nineteenthly, Oct 04 2009

       How about you edit your pronouncement on the link, then, such as to not confuse other people any further?   

       Short text messages are their own form; it would be foolish to expect people to be good at that just because they're good at something else.
jutta, Oct 04 2009

       // from what I can see by reading his twitbits. //   

       Put the flags out. [UB] has at last learned to read ....   

       Soon, it will be walking and chewing gum at the same time (the advanced course).
8th of 7, Oct 04 2009

       //Fuck Twitter.//   

       Hmmm. My fickleness perpetually recorded for everyone to see.   

       Despite my earlier vitriol, I now shamefacedly admit to tweeting my face off (figuratively speaking).
theleopard, Sep 16 2011

       #follows :)
po, Sep 16 2011

       [theleopard] Erm... likewise.
wagster, Oct 07 2011

       Never tweeted, never will. They'll have to kill me first, which has been adequately demonstrated to be nigh impossible.
Alterother, Oct 07 2011

       No, because interlaced RSS feeds serve a useful purpose.
Alterother, Oct 07 2011


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