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Time display
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On the Summary and Recent pages, display the date and time the page was last refreshed, either as UTC or the user's local time.
8th of 7, Oct 07 2012


       The halfbakery has it's own kind of time and yet is timeless.
xandram, Oct 07 2012

       Like, the current time as of the page load? Why does that matter?
ytk, Oct 08 2012

       Would you be using UT1 or TAI? I personally would vote for Zulu time.
Klaatu, Oct 08 2012

       [bigsleep] tea and biscuits
hippo, Oct 08 2012

       //tea and biscuits//   

       I was going to suggest a croisant.
TomP, Oct 08 2012

       Hm! One should be able to do something like this should be a browser-programmable add-on to any page. (Sort of like a bookmarklet.)
jutta, Oct 16 2012

       I will only accept this if it's done in decimal galactic years ab urbe condita.
MechE, Oct 16 2012


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