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Highlight Recent Edits

A different format or font on edits.
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Use a different font or format(underline or Bold or different color)on the edits to Ideas or Annotations that have occured since your last viewing of the idea so that the changes will be easier to find.

My appologies if this has already been discussed And I will delete immediately


jhomrighaus, Feb 25 2006

Italics in the Halfbakery Italics_20in_20the_20halfbakery
A discussion over allowing italics to be used. Just italics, nothing else. Tons of puns, too/ [DesertFox, Feb 25 2006]


       A bakery suggestion, eh? - How would it help the bakery and the Bakers? Not sure about the font stuff.   

       [edit] Have you read the Help pages? Did you try a few searches before suggesting this? Jutta might argue that there's no invention.   

       I like it as a general document processing statement - All edits should have a highlight colour which fades to the background colour over time... It'd make auditing documents very easy. In that case - May I suggest the addition of as special UV lamp (slightly different frequencies will show edits made weeks/months/years back) - Tricky to do in real life, possibly, but nevertheless a neat idea.   

       Welcome to the bakery. What I've found is write ideas as specifications (at least the serious ones) - try to imagine having to actually solve the problem.
Dub, Feb 25 2006

       I did but found nothing similar. I have seen the [edit] marker before but not everyone uses this. Also in a big idea you might have to search a lot to find the edit that was made. this would allow you to:   

       A) drop the [edit] tag which would clean up the documents and reduce length of documents overall(and save server space too)   

       B) save time in locating edits allowing more time for formulating ideas to post
jhomrighaus, Feb 25 2006

       The halfbakery category is intended for suggestions rather than outright invention as the rest of the site, so, the validity rules are relaxed.   

       As for this proposal, I don't agree and think that adding a mish mash of edit markup serves no good purpose but will make it ugly.
bristolz, Feb 25 2006

       Welcome, [jhomrighaus]. I like your thinking. I've also thought of ways to bring new content to one's attention more easily. But having spent a fair bit of time here now, one of my favourite things about this site is its simplicity. Many other sites seem clumsy and overengineered by comparison. [+] for your thoughts.   

       Outside the context of the HB, given the emergence of Unicode and its relatives, and given that the storage requirements for text are becoming trivial, I wonder if some sort of extended time-stamping on a per-character basis will be useful. That way, even text removed from the context of the document in which it once lived would keep creation and modification times, version number etc.. <vague> Sort of a fractal or holographic Wiki concept. </vague>   

       //save server space// I'm curious about the size of the entire HB. I imagine it's only tens or hundreds of MB. And wouldn't the time and date information needed for your idea require more space than the '[edit]' tag?
spidermother, Feb 25 2006


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